Seriously Considering Fags Again

>> Sunday, February 18, 2007

If smoking kills, then I propose that smokers be called murderers.

I'm sorry friends. I used to smoke. You all know that right? No, that's not quite accurate. I used to chainsmoke. I stopped cold turkey with no help from you. I don't mind that some of my closest friends still smoke but I would appreciate it if they smoked away from me.

I am so pissed off tonight. I've stopped smoking for more than a year already but tonight I can't help but feel that my abstinence was but a joke.

First, two people I know died. They didn't smoke yet they died because their system gave up on them. It tells me one thing. Smoking doesn't kill you. It's only destiny that kills you. If dear old D says your time's up then you wave goodbye.

Second, tonight, my boss asked me yet again to watch the internet cafe for him. The internet cafe is a dark, dank and dreary place. It's called Active-X internet cafe and so far the locals seem to take the X part literally because all they use the internet for is to surf porn.

Anyway, my boss is Muslim and he hates it when any of his staff smokes. But Active-X welcomes smokers. In fact, 99% of its clientelle are smokers. And with poor ventilation, Active-X doubles as a self-service gas chamber. I find it ridiculous that my boss would forbid me to smoke but would ask me to take a twelve-hour shift in a smoke-filled room. Would somebody please tell him about second hand smoke?!

You can't blame me if I seriously consider smoking fags again. It makes no difference really. You smoke, you die. You don't smoke, you die too. At least you know how you'll die, right?

I try to stay away from it, but what do they do? Shove me in a place where I'm most prone to have a relapse.

I swear, I'm so close to buying a pack of fags and if somebody does so much as to blow one stinking puff of smoke my way, I am going to say f#%k it and light a tasty menthol, American Spirit or not! OUT.

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kala 18 February, 2007  

NOOO! INTERVENTION!!! *holding you back as you crawl for the cigarette pack*

Do you remember how hard it was for you to quit? Do you remember the irritation and the paranoia, the shaking hands and the general feeling of wanting to grab the next person's cigarette off his mouth and start puffing away?! Are you telling me that you're willing to let all the suffering you've had to endure go to waste? Are you? ARE YOU?!! *shining a lightbulb on your face, à la Gestapo*

But... you're right, I don't blame you, given the circumstances. You should do what you want; just think of all the effort you'll be throwing out the window. The only keeping me from NOT smoking again is the fact that I don't want to lose the contest I've got going on with Julien (we gave up at the same time and he's betting I'm weak enough to give in to the temptation first).

Anyway, tell us if you DID give in, eh? BTW, the internet café shift blows. Hey, let's hang out when I get there. Hopefully by the first/second week of March, if all goes well *crossing fingers*

Jap 19 February, 2007  

It wasn't really hard when I quit. I guess I'm lucky not to have the usual withdrawal stage.

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm glad you stopped too. No cheating on the contest ok?

I don't think I'm smoking anytime soon. But I made an exception when I quitted that I will only smoke American Spirit (knowing that it's hard to find those in the PI) =)

We'll definitely hang out when you get here =) *crossing fingers* for added luck! =) cyah soon! hehe

Anonymous 28 February, 2007  

yes! yes! i knew this day would come! haha

Jap 28 February, 2007  

Uhm...thanks for reading and didn't leave your name but judging by your comment, I'm guessing you're uhm the devil? Am I right? =) LoL

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