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>> Friday, June 6, 2008

Teaching has always been part of my agenda. My idea of it involved college students, a night schedule, one creative subject like TV Production or Theater and a very cool professor. The day I walked inside the Primary 5 classroom, I knew I only got one of my requirements right and I'm holding on to my cool no matter how other teachers view it or no matter how much the kids test my boiling point.

Ladies and gentlemen, I don't fit the type but yeah, I am a teacher. Highly respected (I call the kids dude or bro), well-regarded (our 'handshake' is the knuckle rub), and all-knowing (does anybody have a calculator?) teacher.

Since day one I've made recess and lunchtime a PSP open-tourney, taught them Rent's Season of Love in Music class (maybe next year I can show them the movie and have them close their eyes during the strip show), played basketball with them during PE and called it hoops, and told them to go crazy on a piece of paper for their Visual Arts class. If you thought Robin Williams' unorthodox professor in Dead Poets Society was rebellious then you haven't seen me sing Crawling with my students while holding sour gummy worms.

My teaching style might be too racy for some but I think it's the only way to get more kids to listen. Boring teachers only get the attention of the smart ones. But what about those who are always distracted or daydreaming? You only need to watch an episode of Late Show with David Letterman to understand what I mean. Annoyances are sometimes necessary to keep your audience focused, imagine the irony. Back in my primary school I'd always look forward to classes that my favorite teachers handled and they were the ones who knew the language of my generation.

When I was in fifth grade, my dad taught my PE Class (funny how life comes to a full circle sometimes). He was one of the cool teachers. I guess I can give him props for that. Like they say, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, but personally, I prefer the "shit doesn't fall far from the ass" analogy. Bun intended.OUT

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Odette 17 June, 2008  

Titsher titsher...ha he he o o... Zzz...Zzz...Zzz...Hahhhhhhhhh mizzhu!!! =') day dream nasad q...uhuhuhuuuuuuuuu

R-yo 19 June, 2008  

i too had my Tatay as my teacher (HS). before that, my mother too (ES). two full circles, indeed. (should I tell you they weren't as cool as you were?) :-)

jayclops 23 June, 2008  

Speakin of Linking Park, naga-edit ko sa among docu one time, tapos Linkin Park man ang among soundtrack, background ang Faint. Sa dihang nikalit lang ko ug syagit, nabulabog ang katahimikan ng editing room. Hahaha.

caryn 17 July, 2008  

i was sidetracked by your cool layout before i got to reading your posts. i'm sort of in education too, but the research kind. (bpring compared to the adventures you and your kids must get into everyday) your kids are lucky they have you ;-)

slim whale 07 September, 2008  

wow, i'd love to be in your class. and you teach them songs from REnt too? how coool is that!

Odette 15 September, 2008  

Sir jap... I miss much! =')

Anonymous 24 September, 2008  

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Charina 16 April, 2009  

You never fail to impress and entertain me from the first time we met. But somehow I just never imagined you as a grade school teacher. Now that I've read that article....I have a really nice picture of you as a grade school teacher in my mind. Teacher, teacher, can I sit in?


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