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>> Saturday, November 1, 2008

The kids were all excited for the much-hyped Halloween party. I'd like to think that I did not give it a lot of thought but I can't deny that I spent close to 500 bucks just to make my 5th grade class beaming with happiness. There was only one thing left to do on the 30th of October--cram for a costume.

I had a short list. Shrek, too green. Hulk, too buffed and too green. Barney? Too purple. Zombie, possibly. The Joker, perfect. The Joker is the costume of choice for last-minute people. All I needed were white face creme and mum's liquid eyeliner and checkered vest . I locked myself in the classroom, put on make-up for about 10 minutes and borrowed my student's tie (in exchange I made him up as The Crow).

The Joker is out of Gotham and the Batman is not the only one having some Cantonese action. Now that it's all over and the rushed look was a hit, I think it's time for a few (excuse me for saying this) 'shout-outs' ew. I'd like to thank myself for my hair and make-up. And I'd like to thank ExpertVillage for their crash course on The Joker look

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Gypsy 02 November, 2008  

The Joker!! That is a brilliant idea for a costume!! In na in pa! :) If I were there, I would love to be Arwen from LOTR, complete with the pointed ears. :)

jayclops 04 November, 2008  

Hala, ka cute sa mga kids. You can pass off as Joker na Jap, great job. Hehe. =D

visit london 04 July, 2011  

you are so creative!!

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