Nostalgia on the Second Month Part One

>> Saturday, January 27, 2007

It was bound to happen. The sleepless nights, stressful work days, irritability, longingness, regret and wonderment--it can all be summed up in one word: menstruation.

Got you there! Seriously, it's homesickness. I admit it. Today I feel homesick.

Two months. The fun's over. I've exhausted all there is to see in my guide book and tourist mode just doesn't work anymore. For the past few weeks I started to feel more and more local each day. And each day the chats with my friends became less and less. Now, I just feel empty.

So I thought I'd feed my misery by listing some things that I miss most. And it starts with...

  • You, yes you. I miss you.
  • I miss waking up late in my own room and knowing that even if it's already 10AM it doesn't matter because I am my own boss and I won't have to make up lame excuses why I'm late.
  • I miss waking up early and cooking breakfast.
  • I miss singing in videoke bars.
  • I miss singing in the bathroom.
  • I miss dancing when I'm alone in my room.
  • I miss Coffee Crumble at Bo's.
  • I miss driving.
  • I miss cruising.
  • I miss my CDs, VCDs, DVDs....and VDs (hahaha I'm kidding!)
  • I miss piracy.
  • I miss Spike and Tiny.
  • I miss the fact that I can go where I want to go at any time without worrying of getting lost.
  • I never thought I'd say this but I miss doing big cart groceries and yes, every week.
  • I miss the food. Oh the food.
  • I miss Bacolod, my friends there and the food. Oh the food.
  • I miss seeing regularly dressed people.
  • I miss wearing shorts to work.
  • I miss my computer and all the necessities that I have already installed.
  • I miss editing videos.
  • I miss video production work.
  • I miss the creative rush.
  • I miss my nephew.
  • I miss meeting my friends and talking over coffee.
  • I miss durian.
  • I miss turo-turo or point point.
  • I miss each little aspect of my life in Davao, from my favorite Pink Panther to my loved ones, because all these make up one thing I miss most...
  • I miss my home.

Enough. I can go on forever and if I don't stop soon it's really going to fall and if you can still remember before I left Davao, I promised not to cry again. OUT.

8 responses:

Anonymous 28 January, 2007  

aw.... we miss you too. almost everything i do (we do) reminds me of you. xmpre araw araw akong pumapasok sa opis at lagi kong sinasabi "pisti unsaon man nako ni, wa man jud koy kaalaman sa computer!" hay.... in the long run pantay na skills natin sa paging "com tech" (from, cpu trouble shoot and vid/photo editing!)mu or even higher! so mag unsa na lang ka pag uli nimu? but im sure mas hawd na ka manlimpyo sa akoa. whaaa.... tc mi amigo. miss you!

aVANtgarde (kitams?)

Jap 28 January, 2007  

Bwahahaha! You're absolutely right Van. Di na ko pwede pa timpla ug kape sa imoha hehehe. Bangkatabs na kaau drama diri. Sige lang, pagbalik nako kaw na sad timplahan nako kape.


Anonymous 10 February, 2007  

miss u jap.

Jap 11 February, 2007  

miss you too anonymous, whoever you are =)

Anonymous 08 March, 2007  

namiss na ninU tanan... huwahuhuhu... namiz sad ta mo huhuhu... la lang...apil2x apil lang ko.... tnx 4 giving time to erase it... love u both

Jap 10 March, 2007  

Hello anonymous, are you related to the other anonymous? anyway, thanks for dropping by =)

Anonymous 11 April, 2007  

dili keu... gaCARE lang pud ko sa inU ky love man ta mo veh!!! huhuhu... nakita gud nako c other anonymous kanina sa G-mall... 'just wanna hug u, gipugngan lang nako.. lol

mingaw aU oie...

u 2, stay pretty no matter what huh...

Jap 12 April, 2007  

Will sure do. Thanks SM este Anonymous. Take Care.

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