Stifling and Stiff New Year

>> Thursday, January 4, 2007

Just like Davao City, Doha greeted the new year silently--making me feel like I'm home away from home.

We didn't have Christmas (surprise surprise, and for those who still don't know, Yes, Qatar is a Muslim state). No Christmas. And the Arab world probably thought "hey, since we're at it, let's
not celebrate the new year too".

The whole city was silent on new years day. Davao didn't have fireworks but people found ways to make noise. Here, it seems that every home has been stifling any sound that dared to escape the premises.

It's ok. We had a long holiday instead. Around five days of no work because of the Eid. So my amo thought it would be nice to give me a gift for Eid, two Jarabiyas (spell check please). You don't know what that is?

<--Here's me in one of these Jarabiya thingies. Damn, I look so stupid in this pic! Lol. Anyway. So I wore this during Eid as we went to two houses for breakfast and lunch. Amo says I almost look local but I refused to wear the head thing because I was afraid people might think I'm a poser when they find out I can't even speak Arabic. The Jarabiya is ok. I could wear it but it's not practical clothing at all. I can't imagine how the locals could wear this everyday! It's hard to walk up stairs, you have to watch your step cause the length of it could sweep mud or camel dung or whatever, but you can't nod down to watch your step either because your headdress will fall. If you want to practice modelling wear this and your runway walk will improve. Yeah, it can turn you stiff, not in an arousing way no. Just look at my pic, don't I look stiff? OUT.

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