ONETOTEN: 10 Reasons Why I'm Never Going To Marry

>> Thursday, March 8, 2007

Everytime somebody asks me when I'm going to get married I'd always say when I reach 35. But next year I'm turning 30 and I still don't see myself in that situation. I assume that in the next five years, more and more people, especially the ones called friends, will ask again. So I'm bravely saying now, that I'm never going to marry. (Friends,) Aside from the more obvious reason, I'm never going to marry because:

10. I have an aversion to any religious rite…
09. …and I don't trust the judicial system.
08. Frodo says there is only one ring to rule them all, and it's not the wedding ring.
07. I'd rather make money covering and organizing weddings than spending for a wedding.
06. And you ask who's going to take care of my old folks?
05. I want to have my own room where I can hang my Doraemon posters and cuddle my life size Pink Panther.
04. "Hit and Run" is not just road-kill left for dead, it can be a very satisfying exercise.
03. It gives me enough reason not to have kids (but that's another list).
02. It would be a shame to have a family and finding out later on that there's room for only one more in the end-of-the-world escape plan.
01. I'm a selfish prick. OUT.

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charesbeeyatch 12 March, 2007  

Surveys says: AMEN!

Jap 12 March, 2007  

lol bitch...just felt like doing a letterman hehehe might do another list soon bwahahahaha

SM 26 March, 2007  

HEY!!! You've got the best choice jap...
there were times that i wanna have someone to call my own forever, some1 hul always b there......I NEED A HERO!!!lol.ehehe but, im afraid to leave the "legacy of pain!"!!!
Just like u, ako sad shellfissh aie, kuan, kanang, 'chato? selfish diay... sowe boss... bulok-bulok....
Sometimes i wanna go for that "friends w/ benefits" relationship...... 'bout you? ehehe but im afraid to fall...

ehehe knowa ko u wont approve this but @ least nabasa mo dvah...

Oiist... it's not being selfish... It's just that we're genuis! toink

tc u owiez jap... 'miss u so... =)

Jap 27 March, 2007  

Ey SM, don't get me wrong, I still believe in true love and finding the perfect match, it's just that marriage has lost its appeal to me. As evidenced, marriage doesn't guarantee a long-lasting union. I'm proud of my ten-year relationship (and still counting) and it's longer than what my parents' marriage ever was LoL =)

SM 28 March, 2007  

Sometimes, u have 2 set ur love1 free n order 4 u both 2 b happy... Better give some space + "RESPECT's space" bago pa ito mawala. HAH! NAGSALITA! "Prevention is better than cure" ika nga.

10 years? How dydd?! That's quite great hah... 'hope i have 1 someday. lol

Hoping uL find the perfect match soon... =)

Don't 4get 2 wear the killer smile killer!!! joke

Smile daw veh! be daw beh... oiee... ajejeje

SM 28 March, 2007  

LOVE is tough but i must be tougher...

deal or no deal?

Jap 14 May, 2007  

SM! Sorry, ngayon lang reply, thought the thread is dead. Anyway, yeah hahaha thanks for replying =)

Killer smile ka jan! hehehe

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