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>> Thursday, November 1, 2007

It was a little over 3PM when we got to the cemetery, all ten of us, dressed in black and searching for a place to do a photo shoot. It was almost the end of the semester and the last of the Major subjects before some of us would go on to internship. Van's Advance Advertising group--composed entirely of our barkada--was named Witches and Wizards and we're doing the shoot for their company profile. Why I wasn't part of the group was because of my own idea. Our instructor wanted 9 members per group. I suggested we draw lots. My suggestion bit me.

By that time at the cemetery, we were already inseparable. People either loved or hated us but we didn't care. We made so much noise in Masscom, upped the department's standards (we believe that, but don't take my word for it) and shook the competition between ourselves and our classmates. Each of us had our own abilities to contribute to our growing group. Our backgrounds made us unique but our group moved as one.

Counterclockwise from right to left: Jasbabe the Diva, Anthony the Performer, Ruby Jane the Beauty, Jap the Writer, Haguia the Brain, Arnold the DJ, Gio the Rockstar, Carole the VJ, Van the Model, and Mae Ann the Politician.

Our group broke stereotypes at school, we aspired for innovation in our work and never settled for anything less. What was impossible was achievable as long as we helped each other. It was almost hard to believe that a group of friends could be intelligent, talented, creative, popular, beautiful, spiritual and still know how to party.

It wasn't always fun. We had our share of fights, misunderstandings, debates, stand-offs and cold bouts but we'd always kiss and make-up no matter how short or long it took.

A year after the cemetery pictorial, our group grew bigger as more people joined us--Bien the Diplomat, Don the Partymeister, and Derf the Joker but he's a TV personality now so all respect should be given to him. There are several other people but the ones I mentioned are essentially the heart and soul of our barkada, our second family, at least that's how I saw it.

One blog post is not enough to summarize our group's colorful history so I'll just end it with a video from the Jologs archives. We are not dead but in this season of remembrance the departed are not the only ones worth remembering.OUT

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Anonymous 12 November, 2007  

vandmodel: grr... i dont know if i should be flattered... models are known to be "bobo"! slite lang man ku! whehehehe. why not say "the van" or bonviVANt (mukhang pinoy kutis afam!) wa man!? hihi

Jap 12 November, 2007  

Van, would you rather want to be called Sporty spice cause you're a volleyball and Judo Player and badminton champ? hehehe Not all models are bobo, and besides, I did say that we're a bunch of intelligent people hehehe kapal noh? lol

Gypsy 13 November, 2007  

You just made me nostalgic about my own mass comm gang--we were quite a bunch, too. We didn't have cemetery adventures like your group but we had our own share of quirky fun :) and a group of us still get together regularly...

intsik 13 November, 2007  

japs! glad you're back! hahahaha dear, i see this as your prelude to your grand homecoming... muling ibalik ang tamis ng nakaraan... hahaha

Jap 14 November, 2007  

LEE, yo.

GYPSY, yep, I guess it's just natural for masscomm people to have fun.

JOEY, I miss my friends. Of course, I can't forget my first college berks, our power rangers-you, Jay, Mitzi and Sharon hehehe btw, Mitzi is in Davao already, saw her last year before I left for Qatar. =)

Odette 15 November, 2007  

he he he I saw that pix sa office mo and you guys really look great. Naremember ko tuloy masscom days ko... I'm kinda half-baked stud but I really miss those moments of hardship and crazyness... la lang... Share2x lang pud... toinx

Annamanila 17 November, 2007  

Is that your favorite watering hole? The sematary? (Oooh did you watch that ... pet semetary ... the scariest movie i have ever seen). hahaha You must have had a lot of exciting, crazy adventures in college. Tell us more, more more.

Anonymous 29 November, 2007  

awWww...u just made me cry,i miss everyone...back when there were no husbands and wives and babies and careers and Japan and Qatar and when cebu and manila were just part of prod tour iteniraries. haaayy...BUT, im gonna see u guys next month!!! YAY!!!
>haguia the brain? pwede haguia the all-in-one?! waarghh!

Jap 01 December, 2007  

ODETTE, salamat =)

ANNA, we did go there at the cemetery more than once hehehe but I wouldn't say it's our favorite watering hole. I hope I can get back to the blog soon so I could tell more college adventures =)

GAE, I'll see you sooooooon =)

All-in-one? hahaha giiwasan nako na kay daghan mutigi ana na title! hahaha =) remember who wanted to be the number one intern? yep. everyone hahaha

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