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>> Saturday, November 17, 2007

I have never partied with a multi-racial, multi-national, multi-cultural group before so when Nasser invited me to join a bunch of Qatar Living regulars I was a bit hesitant but I knew I would never pass on the chance.

Nasser was already at the bar, an Indian band was playing songs that didn't quite fit Qatar--covers of animal sounding bands anthems like Scorpions, Eagles, and Def Leppard. After introductions I was sure Nasser didn't pick the place (one flawless Oprah impression did the trick!).

I thought I'd feel out of place but the group was as warm as a freshly baked pie. There was an American, a Canadian, a couple of French guys, a Greek, a couple of Flips, and Nasser, the only Qatari. A few other fellows came and went, at some point there was an Indian and two Iranians (yes, there are gays in Iran). When the other Flips hopped to the hipper bar I instantly became the token Pinoy.

As the token Pinoy I played my part well, I asked a lot of questions, although shyly at first, then I eased up and talked to my neighbors. As the token Pinoy, I tried to crack a punchline every now and then. As the token Pinoy, I drank faster than everyone else--I keep forgetting that the tagay system did not apply there.

When the night ended, Nasser was so wasted but decided that shaving and having been compared to a Persian (cat, that is), were all worth it. He asked me if I was alright because he thought I seemed 'different' from the 'blogger' that he read and the 'blogger' in person. I could've showed him the first two minutes of The WineKone's Launch Party Afterthoughts had it been on Youtube already. He asked me if I had fun. I said I did.

I did. And I found out that being the token Pinoy wasn't such a big deal after all. It was just like having Nasser as the token Qatari, or Erin as the token Canadian, etc. In the end we were just a bunch of guys that probably didn't have anything in common except for a unified mission of having a good time.

By the next weekend, I was already working my way up as part of the regular cast and meeting other regulars as well, including a token Indian, a token Australian, a token Moroccan, a token Brazilian, a token...OUT

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Baj 02 December, 2007  

O_o I'd LURRRVVVEEE to meet this Nasser! He sounds so interesting! :-P

Max 02 December, 2007  

Being the token Pinoy isn't bad, hey?

Glad to hear you got back home safely. Pa ayaw-ayaw da party, my dear, dason storyahi kami di. Please tell me you kiss and tell. ;X

Odette 02 December, 2007  

..interruption: that "Persian" thing caught me. La ex-robot ko doon? Heeee...I found out something lately... I guess that 1 very sweet girl on his page is his gf - pretty lady Persian ... =')

Tagay pre... Tagay!!!

Jap 02 December, 2007  

BAJ, I'm sure you'll love Nasser lol

MAX, thanks. I've been partying non-stop since I got here! Hehehe Ironically, there's nothing to 'kiss and tell' about. I've been a very good boi =)

ODETTE, tagay jud! hehehe

Baj 03 December, 2007  

It's not fair that he gets to meet you and I don't! let's see if that token Qatari likes it when I take you out for shisha! ;-P

Jap 03 December, 2007  

BAJ, HA! I beat you to it. I bought my own shisha hehehe good thing there were instructions on how to set it up =)

noypi 04 December, 2007  

only here in Qatar party like that!

M U L T I C U L T U R A L!

mao balik na nganhi!pro tugnaw karon.....

goodtime dha!ayaw iparking ang panel sa SMB sa inyong haus! ; )


Jap 04 December, 2007  

NOYPI, mao ka. Solo nimo karon ang Corniche! bwahahaha lol ayo ayo diha, ayaw padakop sa CID ha! lol

Baj 05 December, 2007  

How dare you buy shisha without my persmission! I am not a happy bunny!! Grrrrrrrrr

isko b. doo 07 December, 2007  

Pinoys are always the life of the party, our sense of humor and the willingness to laugh at ourselves make us so.


jayclops 07 December, 2007  

Sus, nag-tagay pa mo, lingaw kaau. hehe

Jap 08 December, 2007  

BAJ, im sorry dear, twas a spur of the moment kind of thing, went to carrefour and got the cheapest one i could find.

ISKO, rock and roll? ala pepe smith? lol

JAY, mao, nothin compares to a noypi party lol

Baj 09 December, 2007  

So when are you coming back??

Jap 09 December, 2007  

BAJ, January 11 =)

Gypsy 11 December, 2007  

I'm the token pinoy here in our college--and there's a token Ethiopian, a token Naga, and token whatever and yes, in the end it doesnt matter where you're from--we all get along quite well. :)

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