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>> Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's been going through my head like an incessant house loop: I should move out of here and stop the abuse.

Today, the boss gave me yet another task and I don't know if I should be flattered or frustrated. The task involves, ironically enough, handling money. So before I do a Psycho split and take the money and run, I need to figure out things first.

If I'm really important and trustworthy, then why the small pay? But if I'm expendable then why do I get all the more important tasks?

With my mom positively offering me a job in Hong Kong, the battle between Pros and Cons gets even stiffer. Here then, to make life easier, is my list of Cons for Staying in Qatar.

10 I should move out because I hate sharing my room with two obnoxious (but extremely kind and cutesy friendly anyway) Chinese guys who sleep naked and stink the depressing windowless room with their unwashed butts, while they savor the Kim-chi-like stench of their own breaths to dreamland.

09 I should leave because even though I only have one boss, in reality, I work for a lot of people like my boss' associates, partners, guests, and clients (yes, this is why I sometimes refer to this as an abuse). I work for the immediate family too: wife, brother, kids. But I don't mind working for the family, it's not mandated, it's expected and they've been kind to me so there, don't flame me Lee LoL.

08 There's no point in staying when at the end of the month the Chinese masseur at my boss' health clinic earns more money than I do and that's all he ever has to do—massage some bodies (then he'd happily announce that he got "five ten ten ten" (QR500) as a tip from the Emir).

07 It would only be stupid if I stay because my mom has to send me money just so I can survive here. Can you imagine a guy working abroad and he's the one receiving money when he's supposed to be the one sending it? So in other words, my mom helps pay for my existence here so I can work myself to death.

06 I should take the next flight out because this job does not make use of all my skills and brain.

05 I should quit because I recently categorized my blog and discovered that all posts which were tagged as "work" were also tagged as "rant".

04 I must resign because my business needs me...or as it seems, I need my business.

03 I need to leave because my heart is aching and longing the company of my family, friends and loved one.

02 I have to move on because I'm gaining weight and I'm seeing clouds of depression hovering over me.

01 I should find a happier place and job because the one I have now is turning me into a closet smoker.

The Pros will follow soon, it won't outnumber this list because it will also be a "ONETOTEN" list LoL but we'll see which side is heavier.

But, number one—damn! I was in the closet and now I'm OUT

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Jinoe 18 April, 2007  

i have the same feeling but scared to post my own list because my boss might read them online. Hope u'll find that happy place jap. After reading the cons, I think its enough to say you should pack your bags and leave. But then, I might need to read the pros as well. :-s

Anonymous 18 April, 2007  

maginoongcute: Happiness is being in a place where you dont wish to be anywhere else. We miss you so much.

Jap 18 April, 2007  

jinoe, yep sad to say "employer blog backlash" exists. But in my case, it's more like, I don't care anymore if I get fired LoL. Part of me actually wants my boss to read the blog. He has a heart I know and maybe he just needs a little encouragement Hahaha.

maginoongcute, i almost cried with your comment. it is true...has been since i first heard that. but im savoring the pain, I know I'll miss it when the happy days come. I miss all of you too.

hazel thea 22 April, 2007  

the things we do to earn a living. don't worry, you're not the only one bitching about the job & life in general. i'd rather have your job than a cushy office job. that'd bore me to tears.

Jap 24 April, 2007  

Yeah Haze, you're absolutely right. That's why "rant" is so popular these days hehehe Oh well, I still find myself luckier than most, especially here in Qatar, I mean, for one thing, at least I'm not out under the desert sun digging holes.

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