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>> Friday, September 28, 2007

The cliffhanger (if there was any) for last summer's run of the office left my cult following at the edge of their rotating computer chairs. OK, sue me if I'm hyping my office like a TV series but I can't help it. And besides, things are heating up, ironically enough, just when the first mild chills of winter are in the air. Summer saw the entry of Edmar into the office. He provided the comic relief as Khalid and I stood our ground against the resident villain Mustafa. The season ended with Khalid flying off to Sudan, still uncertain of his return, while I was left to confront the newbie Hosam in an all out cubicle war.

This season, expect more twists: Edmar's character evolves and becomes more shady. He starts to befriend the dark side. Is he spying for the force? Is he a confidant of the villains? Or is he a bored freak who wants to see if we blend when he presses the pulse button?

Khalid returns this season. A bit of a spoiler since I already mentioned him in a previous post, and already, he and Mustafa are at it again. With Hosam and three other new Mustafa recruits strengthening the Egyptian team, it will be interesting to see whose dick has the most piss.

Office relationships will be stirred as Khalid will question Edmar's loyalty to the force, the boss will doubt which people are loyal to him, and a new Filipina secretary will be the object of desire for some of the men or man or Edmar.

Meanwhile, a new Indian driver, whose name is too hard to pronounce or spell, will provide the brief moments of laughter ie: "When wife and Edmar fight in street and mobile hit the head up and I am tension".

For subplots, Edmar's wife is four months pregnant, the Indian classes resume, and I'm down to my last 4 Gigs of hard disk space.

As for me, I will have a minor role, one that will focus on a new sideline. But I'm telling you now, even with that small role this season, I will set the cliffhanger as the series closes--will I stay or will I go?

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lee 29 September, 2007  

lol @ the driver thing.

Gypsy 30 September, 2007  

Oh wow, interesting soap opera!! Do you have that 30-second staring session as well when star-crossed lovers bump into each other in the hallway?? Parang Korean Telenovela baga...oh well, ABANGAN!!!;)

Jap 02 October, 2007  

LEE, you should've seen how the driver reenacted the whole Edmar-Nida rumble =)

lol@GYPSY, I was hoping it would be more of a dark sitcom really =) hehehe

Annamanila 02 October, 2007  

I see that your workplace provides side entertainment, plus conversation and blogging pieces. How lucky can one get.

I have been wanting to ask, by the way, is 'like clockwork orange' a quote or something that you invented. It sounds so lyrical and intrigues me almost as much as your office drama does. :)

Jap 03 October, 2007  

ANNA, I'm just making the most out of it, otherwise, I'll be bored to death. Office work is not my thing. Viewing my officemates as characters in a sitcom helps me get by somehow.

A Clockwork Orange is a film by Stanley Kubrick based on a novel by Anthony Burgess. The title means a "mechanical orangutan". The film discusses the question you'll find on this blog's footer.

A Clockwork Orange is my constant inspiration for this daily reminder to keep my eyes open. =)

Qatar Cat 05 October, 2007  

"When wife and Edmar fight in street and mobile hit the head up and I am tension" - awesome!


Jap 06 October, 2007  

QC, thanks for dropping by =)

intsik 07 October, 2007  

r u leaving qatar na gd japs? musta na to ang other plans?

Jap 07 October, 2007  

JOEIBOI, still don't know. =/

Annamanila 13 October, 2007  

A mechanical orangutan. Oooh. I can't see the connection ... with apologies for my denseness. Is it related to Ismael, the environment-savvy orangutan?

Jap 14 October, 2007  

ANNA, hehehe it seems dense as it is, I guess, and it will only make sense if you watch the film or read the book. If you like a good discussion after a movie, Clockwork Orange is definitely it (a heads up: there are scenes of nudity and violence).

In a nutshell, which would you prefer: a man programmed to do only what is good or a man totally free to choose whether to do good or bad?

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