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>> Sunday, June 24, 2007

I was trying to be comfortable on my bunk bed while listening to Kat's usual complaints and Van and Derf were exchanging jokes about Sulpicio lines, entertaining Louella and Arnold who resigned to the fact that we picked the wrong ship and decided to be typical Filipinos and laughed at the situation we're all in. After bitching about how awful Sulpicio Lines' ship was and agreeing that we have boarded a ghost ship for there were no passengers except us, we directed our attention to the PA system which, playing in mono, gave life-saving instructions that could be useful in case the rusty ship turned into a submarine; that's if the instructions were clear. Then, the last two Spanish words that survived the history of the shipping industry, "puera visita" blasted three times through the PA system, except that it came out as "pwira bisita, pwira bisita, pwira bisita" (you can tell that at this point, the announcer was proud of himself for speaking in Spanish, if Spanish had a Bisaya influence). We echoed the phrase until we got tired of it. Finally, as we settled in our bunk beds, we took turns reading vandalism from the walls of the cabin. One particular vandal became special to us and will always be remembered. You would, too if you've read it yourself. Written in bold letters, patiently scribbled using a blue point pen up to 72 pt size in what appeared to be Arial with Grunge Scratches, was this confusing declaration: "Edmar Is Here!".

What made it more funny was the fact that earlier on that trip we were convinced that we have boarded a ghost ship. There were only two things possible with "Edmar is Here": one, that Edmar skipped English class quite often, and two, Edmar's ghost was there (or is here, according to Edmar).

Dateline: Doha, Qatar. Edmar is here. Really here. He's the boss' maid's husband. He arrived three months ago and the boss transfered him here in the office for two weeks now, thereby stripping me off of my title as the only Filipino working in the office.

Edmar is the kind of Pinoy you don't want the other races to base their Flip stereotype on. It's not good to judge the book by its cover, but a couple of amateur tattoos can tell you a lot about the person. He hails from the northern part of Luzon. He's the kind of Filipino that Rex Navarette makes fun of in his routine--wer for where, soaf for soap, etc. Although Edmar is a blast to talk to in kanto-level conversations (ie "nakakain na ako ng tao" or "I have eaten a man" -- a statement that can only come from a post-fried brain), I'd avoid speaking to him when other officemates are within earshot for fear of being accused of racism. While it's casual in the Philippines to refer to blacks as negros, Edmar doesn't realize that the term became a #1 hate slur the moment he boarded the plane in NAIA, thus, I panicked when he talked to me in Tagalog but uttered the word "negro" in front of our Sudanese officemates! He doesn't hate the Sudanese, it's just that he doesn't have a filtering system installed.

On his second month, Edmar converted to Islam and has since introduced himself as Rashid to Muslims here in the office. Abandoning Christianity, however, doesn't mean turning your back on infidelity, smoking or thoughts of violence. Being the officeboy prone to abuse involving tea and coffee, Edmar gets to meet everyone working here and has already formed his own (so far accurate) generalizations about our officemates. Not a week goes by that I won't hear him announcing to me that he will punch this guy or bludgeon that guy.

"Jef, sarap sana tumira, ano?" ("Jap, delicious if hit, what?" would be an Edmar translation; formula derived from "Pareho ang numero = The same the number") Edmar said to me the other day, reminiscing his junkie days while he was preparing tea for some guests. Edmar is probably on withdrawal as I write this.

At one point, I actually asked Edmar if he ever boarded a Sulpicio Lines ship. He said no. I was disappointed. But that means the search is still on for the real Edmar. For now, Jap is here.

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Anonymous 24 June, 2007  

DERF: wahahahaha...laughtrip!!! di makaya! good luck jap! edmar is here...the quest ends here.

intsik 24 June, 2007  

hi! i had a great time reading this. i actually am in a wide grin while making this comment.

lingaw! well, here's ur mission bro: teach him a little manner if not better his language... hehehehehehe

is he buffed? if he is, then that woul dbe his saving grace! hehehehehe


btw, how do u change the header?

Bien 25 June, 2007  

Funny how I imagined you closing your eyes the moment you heard the word "Edmar" and then the picture faded out in a dream-like transition, bringing you back to that specific 'Sulpicio Day'. I don't know why but the thought tickled me for a while.

What I think makes "Edmar" a typical Filipino name is that it may be a combination of a mom and a dad's name but I haven't met somebody named Edmar so far so definitely, Edmar is not here.

It may be unfortunate that he isn't that aware of some important things but I had quite a laugh about him being a "kalabasa". Yeah you could at least give him some of your thought... Lucky for him if you'd feel like you have the whim. ;-)


HRHMax 25 June, 2007  

Thanks for the laugh Jap. I couldn't stop saying, "Idmar es her." all last night. Even Ivan has the "por pifty" down to a T.

Edmar sounds like a total F.O.B. I know what you mean about not wanting the rest of the world to correlate him with what a typical Filipino is like. We already have a bad rap sheet as it is.

Jap 25 June, 2007  

DERF, sunod na si Inday aka Yadni!hahaha

JOEY, Edmar is not buffed, he has BO so your fantasy should end right there, sistah =)

BIEN, Edmar is, in fact, not a combination of names hahaha I asked him because I did consider blogging about it.

MAXIE, The moment Conan O'Brien does flip impressions then FOB is definitely goin hollywood. The last time I saw it done was in Connie and Carla, twas this gay pinoy in drag stealing the show for his FOB accent. LoL

I know I should've edited the post, but I'm putting the changes here instead, call it a "b-side" if you wish.

How Edmar got to mention the "nakakain na ako ng tao" thing was because Khalid (in his own right also an English serial killer) told us news about a Vietnamese guy who was caught eating a man in his apartment here in Doha.

Then, Edmar butts in:
"Me too, I have also eat a man! In the Philippines, we eat the man! We are carnabals!"

intsik 28 June, 2007  

My bad, Japs! Ok, ok, ok! I'm starved, ok? hehehehehe so good luck to idmhar! hahahah that sounds Islam, right?

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