ONETOTEN: The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007

>> Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I've started serious and steady ( it's like a relationship, I know) blogging six months ago and I didn't care much about the "blogosphere" until now. I don't know if I'm a fair judge for this list since I can still count the blogs that I have read but I suppose it won't hurt to pay the good deed forward (Ms Jojie aka Dabawenya Jud! included me in her list. Thank you, Jojie. It's a one in a million chance but one vote is better than no votes hehe).

My apologies, Ms. Janette Toral, for adding yet another ten to the dozens of lists you get everyday. Tallying the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007 ain't easy so I'll try my best to make sure that all my nominees are blogs that have only started anytime from August 1, 2006 to the present

They say "you are what you eat," but in the blogosphere, you are what you read.

10. Is that noise coming from my head? - I like to believe that I am dark and mysterious but after reading Adobobo's blog I suddenly feel I'm sunshine. What I like most (aside from the thought-provoking posts) is the unique template. It's simple, nothing too fancy nor annoying, but it drives home the message that one should beware because parts of your body can bleed anytime once you click on her blog. On her last post, my heart almost bled.

09. Mindanaobloggers - fresh. Although it was made for the Mindanao Bloggers Summit, I'm pretty sure that this blog will run for a long time or until all bloggers from Mindanao get abducted by aliens. Not too many posts in here yet (it's only a few weeks old) but that's beside the point.

08. Continuum - I'm glad Joey started to blog again, and in a new environment too! I was torn between his Letters and another favorite but ultimately his honest and daring posts won this spot. Since I came to Qatar I censored myself-- avoiding certain issues and topics that might be damaging. That's why it's fun (and empowering) to read Continuum. Oh, did I mention that he's my high school batchmate?

07. Himantayon - A recent discovery this one. This blog pokes fun at our mistakes. We're all guilty, we're not perfect after all. So be a good sport and laugh with us. This is my official blogosphere "de-stresser". The guys who thought about this are genuises.

06. Manokan Express - Jinoe, another high school batchmate of mine, takes his 'cue' from the famous Bacolod chicken BBQ. His posts are always positive. The topics he discusses are helpful too. I always make it a habit to check his blog to get my dose of optimism.

05. Bakla Ako, May Reklamo? - No apologies. Take it or leave it. It's a blog with an attitude and a lot of pink-useful information. The more I say something about this blog, the more I'm taking away from the slap-on-your-face title, so I'll just leave it at that. BaklangAJ, you rock!

04. Gibbs Cadiz - another recent discovery. I told Gibbs that even if it was my first time on his blog, I can already say that it's one of my favorites. Gibbs' passion for the performing arts and film is undeniable. I delight in reading his posts because you can rarely find play reviews or insider report from the Philippine stage scene.

03. Dabawenya Jud! - i'm not just returning the favor here =) I like this blog because of its original content. While most of us grab pictures from the internet, Jojie displays her own shots (she's a pro after all). The photos are superb and the posts are refreshing to read (must be because of Jojie's fun adventures).

02. Ang Dabawenyo - Probably the most "influential" on this list. Blogie has about five hundred blogs running at the same time and still he gets to write in his personal blog (Blogie Blog) =) He earned this spot the day he invited me to join the Davao Blogs listing. Thanks to him, my blog got more clicks and I also got connected to other Davaoeño bloggers.
01. - I'm Pinoy and I love films. This blog lacks the personal touch but it's loaded with information.
Now, the question is, why didn't I nominate myself? Hmmm, tempting. Nah

9 responses: 12 June, 2007  

Hello. Kindly note that Blogie Blog has archives before August 2006. Also, the link to seems to have an error.

Please don't forget to inform us about your entry by posting a comment at the writing project page to make it official.

Thank you very much for joining!!!

Jap 12 June, 2007  

Oh, hehehe thanks Janette. =)

gibbs cadiz 12 June, 2007  

hi jap, thanks for the inclusion. much obliged. :)

Blogie 13 June, 2007  

*sigh* Indeed Blogie Blog is an old blog -- parang ako kasi, nagpapabata!! hehehe...

Jap, thanks for nominating! It's still quite fresh, but it surely will become an influential blog in the near future!

Thanks too for including I'm touched by your sentiments. :)

Jap 13 June, 2007  

Blogie, like I said, you own 500 blogs and it's not like I have a choice now, do I? hahaha seriously though, you deserve to be in the final list. Kung pwede lang magmultiple votes eh =)

lateralus 18 June, 2007  

Gibbs Cadiz?! Tsk tsk. BooooO! hahaha

Adobobo 18 June, 2007  

Yes, yes, I've already seen that I was included in your list before you even notified me.

The thing is, I was having such a hard time coming up with a thank-you speech, hence I just pretended that I was unaware of the nomination, haha.

Oh, and that template isn't my creation. Just stole that somewhere, so I don't deserve the accolade.

But thank you, anyway, for reasons that are beyond my capacity for expressing. XD

Jap 18 June, 2007  

lateralus, you're definitely kidding, right? LoL

Adobobo, baaaaaaad! so you've been stalking either my blog or the top 10 list all along! hehehe you're welcome.
I haven't come across a blog with the same template as yours so for now we'll keep it hush hush :-* 30 July, 2007  

Thank you again for joining this writing project. Will include your entry in our raffle this Wednesday.

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