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>> Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's 5AM, in the Middle East, a foreign land for you and you're awakened by extremely loud noises, what goes into your head? Still half asleep, I thought of the very images from war-torn countries I frequently see on CNN. Could it be that a tank has just blown up the restaurant outside? The defeaning blare went on. Perhaps it's a large machine gun with bullets the size of Coke cans tearing away rooftops. But there are no people screaming so maybe it's an out-of-control dump truck that keeps on slamming the gigantic steel bins by the sidewalk. At 5:10 AM, it dawned on me, the racket came from a bulldozer/driller digging on hard ground.

Five minutes later, I was already up. I couldn't stand the noise.

The funny thing was I just bought a digital radio alarm clock--the ones that you can program to wake you up with your favorite radio station (QBS 97.5 FM cause it's the only English FM station in Doha--it sucks, but what can you do?) blasting instead of the usual irritating, throw-in-the-bin-if-you-must battery-operated alarm.

That night, I set the alarm for 6:00 AM. The next morning, I realized I didn't need the damned thing that cost me 100QR. Why? Because the owner of the vacant lot right beside our building decided that it's time to start construction...on the day I bought the alarm clock, and an hour before it even did its job.

Six consecutive days now I've been an early bird. I have planned to do so anyway hence the alarm clock. But I also planned to wake up in a nice way with a smile on my face.

The boss is pleased with my early-bird status. Unless I get used to the banging and clanging, I'll be up and about at 5AM, whether I like it or not.

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Anonymous 08 June, 2007  

6 consecutive days? OMG! that's guiness record for us!

Anonymous 08 June, 2007  

Oh btw, its me vuaghn, your squash team mate. lol

Jap 08 June, 2007  

Hi Vaughn, it is a record! =) I guess I'm no longer your squash teammate cause I've been waking up early hehe

HRHMax 11 June, 2007  

Oh sweetie, welcome to the world of the sleep deprived. I just got back from Louisiana, where I not only felt like I was melting in 90 degree heat, I was also in a constant zombie-like state. I had to wake up two hours earlier than normal because of the time zone changes. Friday was a total bitch since I had to catch a 5:30am flight back. My ass was up at 3am (ofcourse I couldn't stop thinking it really only is 1am back home.) that morning, only to zonk out the moment I got on the plane.

Before long, you too will have the uncanny knack of waking up at 5am, regardless of what day of the week it is. But if you are a sleep lover, then I hope not.

Jap 11 June, 2007  

Yo Maxie =) I can't believe that neither of us blamed coffee this time haha

I heard someone say to me before that you'll know when you're old because you can't help but wake up early.

I don't want to wake up at 4AM and find out there was no drilling noise.

Irritating as it may seem there's still a bit of joy in that noise I hear every morning, if only to assure me that I'm still young. LoL

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