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>> Sunday, June 3, 2007

I woke up early yesterday to take a shower before the sun boils Doha's water system. When I entered the bathroom I was tempted to finish all my laundry including the ones I wore to bed. The washing machine was just there anyway, and by the time I finished my morning rituals my clothes would have spun dry. I took off my shirt and shorts and dropped it into the washing machine. I observed as the hypnotic drip of the water filled it up. Then, I took a shower, not minding the unusually loud bump-bump of the machine.

The wash was a bit slow. I have already dressed up, packed my overnight stuff and prepared to leave but the washing machine hasn't sung its "I'm done" ring tone yet. So I figured, I should text my mom while waiting. My cellphone wasn't on my bedside table. I panicked.

I ran to the bathroom. I opened the lid of the washing machine. My clothes were already spinning dry. I grabbed my shorts, reached for its pocket and tugged my phone out. It was amazingly dry! It should be cause the machine spun it 50revs a second.

Then I looked at my mobile closely. The LCD screen is full of water! Imagine my anguish. My companion, OW, lifeless. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to cry. There goes the music. There goes the RSS feeds. There goes the cool factor.

Until now, my mobile is still in a coma. I hope it's not terminal.

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maui pacquiao 04 June, 2007  

dapat kasi 5110 mobile phone mo para di ka manghinayang. hehehe.

intsik 04 June, 2007  

I agree, Japs! The less expensive ones doesn't have the "connect" factor. hahahaha cool phone. How many gigs ang mem? Buy another one bro! hehehehe hows the price diff compared to ericsson here in Manila, Cebu or davao?

Anonymous 04 June, 2007  

derf: nkkta ko ang future: n95. It's time!

noypi 04 June, 2007  


huhuu dahan na mi! my n71! just last saturday dated 2nd of June 2007 6:45pm before going for dinner! wa jd ntawon kaabot ug pnas! sus ginoo! maau ra pd uyyy! bason mao ra akong kamatyan ngad2 kay hold -upon sa colon! waahhhah!

things happened for a reason....kaya bili na namn!huhuhhu!

Jap 04 June, 2007  

MAUI: Naku naghahanap na nga ako ng 5110 kaso extinct na ata. LoL

INTSIK: I'm still keeping my hopes up before I actually buy another one. I need to dry it out first completely before turning it on again. I don't know the prices anymore, Joe. I do know it's more expensive here in Qatar hehehe

DERF: You think so? I saw N95 on the displays. I know it's supposed to be great but I'm sorry to say that there was no chemistry. Unlike the first time I saw SE W850i, my heart leaped in excitement =)

NOYPI: Mao lagi ba, tanga ra jud siguro ta kay wa nato gina check ang bulsa bag-o ilabay sa washing machine. I don't think I will buy a phone anytime soon. Goodluck on your vacation, hope to see you before you leave, pahiram susi sa imong kwarto! hahaha

lee 05 June, 2007  

its dead.... =(

Jap 05 June, 2007  

it's dead like hiphop, lee? =) wanker! it's your fault you have that washing machine conveniently placed inside the bathroom. LoL

jinoe 08 June, 2007  

Oh no... the very reason I dont want to have a very cool phone. I have to fight that feeling everytime I get into the malls. I look like a kid standing outside a candy store with my mouth open.

Anonymous 08 June, 2007  

vaughn-the-x-buy-n-sell-phone-xpert: tsk tsk tsk! i just hope you did'nt do-it-your own repair! mahilig bya ka ana! wheheh. anyway, naa man ata na xa 1 year service warranty! just keep ur fingers crossed! or you can sell it 90 percent off! heheh

Anonymous 08 June, 2007  

ton: jaja, i imagined it so funny kay mas nafeel nko ang painful experience sa phone while inside the machine.... whehehhehe atik lang ja!!! heheehheh but time for you to get a new one...i think it wasnt really the right time for you to get up mao nahitabo na... but anyways, kuhai nalng na imo bahandi diha! and always remember, better do the traditional laundry system next time! ohkay? hehehe miss you ja!!!!!

Jap 08 June, 2007  

JINOE, don't punish yourself hahaha buy that cool phone, buy it, buuuuuuy it =) tempting enough? hahaha

VAUGHN, how you know me! I had to restrain myself in a straighjacket just so I won't open the darn thing.

TON, I remember how your phone got wet when you left it outside the house one rainy night during one of our of driking sessions. I couldn't relate back then, but now I know how you felt =( miss you too, and will consider using the batya next time. =)

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