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I know I said that I'm not doing tag games anymore but what can I do? "So unimpressed but so in awe, such a saint but such a whore. So self-aware, so full of shit. So indecisive, so adamant." (Come Undone by Robbie Williams). Trust me, I sing that song with all my heart.

Gypsy tagged me. She said something like get a screenshot of your desktop and show and tell. Here is the show part:

Here is the tell part:
There's nothing much to say. It's a mess. I get a dozen emails a day for my boss and most of those emails have attachments. It's easier for me to locate the attachment on the desktop. The attachment stays there for a week before I move it to a "Desktop Items" folder which means it's been a month since I moved anything.

The wallpaper is quite obvious. I'm currently on the fifth season of Six Feet Under. I am such a fan when I'm into it. I'm not satisfied with my Six Feet Under theme ringtone; I need a visual.

One thing I like about my desktop is the Yahoo! Widgets toolbar. It's on auto-hide mode so you can barely see the black strip on the right side of the screen. It pops up when you hover the mouse on that area and you can get instant access to weather reports, horoscope, international time, and calendar among other things. My favorite is a comic strip widget that generates my daily dose of funnies.

That's how lame my desktop is and how messy, too with icons literally over the top. The tag game ends here, by the way. I'm burying it, six feet under ground.OUT

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Anonymous 15 October, 2007  

maka-hangerts ug computer ang daghang files sa desktop according sa akong ginapagnasaan na sir sa technical department sa among school.

pablo 16 October, 2007  

mas makahangers kung hinay imo computer unya dako resolution sa imo wallpaper. hehehe

Gypsy 17 October, 2007  

Hey friend, thanks for being a sport...six feet under wallpaper?! Nako ha, very telling...maybe you should change it to a Jack Bauer wallpaper, para mas maging "can do" ang dating (even amidst torture) hehe..joke!

Jap 18 October, 2007  

MELOI, tama jud imong ginapagnasaan na sir sa technical department sa inyong school, kay ingon pod sa ginapagnasaan nako na computer engineer, maka-hangerts jud daw. He told me to transfer those stuff in another drive. He assured me of a big difference. He was right. ;-)

PABLO, my computer is fast enough but I've done too many photoshop projects already, I need to clean up soon. Madunggan na gud nako mureklamo ang PC.

GYPSY, hehehe kung pwede nga lang QAF ang wallpaper ko e, but at least Six Feet Under is still a bit straight. Okay, who are we kidding, right? hehehe I also wanted a theme that has a 'get-the-fuck-away-from-my-computer' attitude so this will do for now. =)

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