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>> Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Two cups of yogurt. Creamy, almost sour and cold. Layered with preserved blueberry and good bacteria. A minute of happiness when I eat it and 24 hours later, 30 seconds of blissful bowel movement. Two cups of yogurt were waiting for me inside a locked refrigerator to which only I held the key. Right after the Indian school dismissed their noisy students, I rushed to the peace and quiet of the second floor, unlocked the ref, peered inside, and found a light bulb and lots of chilled air.

I stood there and wondered what kind of monster devoured my precious. How am I supposed to defecate now? I looked at the bin and sure enough, the yogurt cups were there, along with my two cans of Pepsi Max and a bottle of milk all empty, cheap stuff I put in the ref to save me from a five-minute marathon to the store. I narrowed my suspects to the Indian school students (and / or teachers). The only other people who have access to the ref are Khalid and Edmar. It couldn't have been Khalid because our friendship has reached charity level. And Edmar doesn't like yogurt.

A quick experiment proved that the ref lock was as tight as Paris H
ilton's vagina. Anything that fit in it did the trick. And those rowdy students could have done it on a dare.

This isn't the first time that Indians made their presence felt. I get my laundry done at the shop next door. Kala
wrote about her experience with Indian laundry shops so I was already expecting their 'system' which is basically: dump your clothes and come back a day after tomorrow. No listing, no counting, no weighing. Just your name so they can bill you correctly. The rest of the business is put to good faith (and a couple misplaced socks every now and then). What I didn't expect though was that they'd label my clothes, not with my name, but with the name of the guy who handled my laundry. My wardrobe is now owned by a certain "VAN".

I can see it now, me spending extra time in the can because some Indian guy ate my ticket to a satisfying dump. So I sit there, longer than usual, staring at the seam of my pants and figuring out if Van is short for Vanesh, or Vanij, or Vanadev or Vanamalin.OUT

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Anonymous 09 October, 2007  

dVANi: whaa. akoa na na! naa na akong name! yahoo!

lee 10 October, 2007  

lol, oooo indiaaaa

Gypsy 11 October, 2007  

VAKETT kaya?? Ay naku, may neighbor ako dito na Indian--nice naman pero may mga cultural quirks talaga sila na di ko maintindihan...pero mukhang individual ownership of anything (inc personal space)is not a big deal in their culture..

Jap 11 October, 2007  

dVANi, lagi, your name is on all my clothes. Good luck na lang kung magsigo sa imoha =)

GYPSY, I am not familiar with Indian culture, the only sure thing is that they shake their heads when they talk =) makes me wonder if David Gray has Indian blood =)

lateralus 12 October, 2007  

Ok, that just sucks. Hehehe. Do they wash it like the way they do in India? Public open-air laundry pits? hehehe

intsik 12 October, 2007  

kumusta naman c sushmita sen? hehehehe

Annamanila 13 October, 2007  

For a moment I thought this was how your preoccupation with mice began. haha

Varsha 13 October, 2007  

I read ur blog quite regularly and I am a Indian.
Your sweeping generalization has convinced me never to read ur blog again........
Every community has some ppl who do such things..........

How dare u generalize??????

Jap 14 October, 2007  

LATERALUS, I wouldn't know for sure how they wash it, I'm satisfied enough with the result though =) but like restaurants, one doesn't really want to see the kitchen hehehe

INTSIK, you just made me wonder whatever happened to Sushmita Sen, but I'm too tired to Google her hehehe

ANNA, animal instincts, though quite pestering is more acceptable than any premeditated act of invasion (of privacy, that is).

Jap 14 October, 2007  

VARSHA, first of all, I'm glad that you read my blog, I didn't know until now =)

It's unfortunate that you won't be able to read this response since you swore off my blog from your reading list. Nonetheless, here's my reply:

I read my post again and while keeping in mind your point of view, I still did not see any negative "sweeping generalization" of the Indian community. Please feel free to point out a certain passage that made you conclude that way, possibly one that starts with "Indians are...". The only generalization I have made is the statement about the Indian school that is made up of Indian students. Although majority of the students are in fact Indians, other nationalities are enrolled too like Pakistanis and Qataris. In light of this, I suppose a quick edit is necessary.

From: "I narrowed my suspects to the Indian students"

To: "I narrowed my suspects to the Indian SCHOOL students"

Varsha, if indeed you do read my blog regularly, you'd know by now that I am sensitive to racism issues because I, too do not want to be stereotyped. I encourage you to read the post again, objectively this time, and I assure you, I did not malign your race.

True, I suspected the Indian school students for taking my yogurt, but I did not accuse them. I merely suspected. It's quite different from, let's say, you directly accusing me of "sweeping generalization". I am not Sherlock Holmes, but I believe it's important to gather evidence before you put the verdict on someone. And since I don't have the time to play sleuth, I'll settle with my suspicions based on deductive reasoning or by process of elimination. I feel I am entitled to my suspicions as you are entitled to your accusations.

As for the laundry, I also assure you that every account made are based on facts. I've shown a photo of the name they scribbled, and if you want, I can show you a pair of lady's socks that got mixed with my laundry.

I am sorry that this post made you feel bad. It was not my intention at all.

I have friends of different races, Indians included, but I just don't blend well with rowdy people regardless of race.

Now, if you are offended by the comments of other readers here, I can't answer for them, it is their opinion and everyone's free to air their thoughts on my post, including you.

I hope I have cleared up what has confounded you. And thanks for your concern, really. It's not often that I get such a strong reaction from my readers. It's a good opportunity for me to extend my post and dig deeper into the issues rather than what is often just trivial matter like two cups of yogurt.

Peace =)


PS, I do hope you will continue to read my blog.

Jap 14 October, 2007  

VARSHA, but if you are referring to my comment about the headshaking thing, I stand guilty as charged. I'm sorry for generalizing that it's a sure thing about Indians. Please allow me to correct my mistake.


GYPSY, I am not familiar with Indian culture, but so far all Indians I have spoken to shake their heads when they talk =)

Varsha, it's my personal observation, thus my statement should only be limited to my actual experience. Thank you for bringing the matter up, and again, my apologies.

HRHMax 16 October, 2007  

When I told Ive about your blog, indi siya kapati nga someone else uses yogurt to do the trick! haa!

Jap 18 October, 2007  

Max, I didn't know that too. One day I just thought I'd try flavoured yogurt. To my surprise it was more than a tasty treat. =)

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