Forget Her

>> Monday, October 1, 2007

I wasn't sure if it was a full moon already. The park seemed aglow in florescent light, almost like dawn in fact, quite unusual for a place that's notorious for its dark corners. I glanced at the moon to be certain. It's not a perfect circle, its halo also premature. Still it was fine enough for a walk along Corniche--an escape disguised as an exercise. I found a spot and decided to master the lyrics to a new fascination: Jeff Buckley's "Forget Her". His voice is like no other. Too bad he's singing with angels now. I sat there watching the faint waves of the sea, singing in a concert in my head but A capella to the world. I wondered who broke Jeff's heart when he wrote the song. Now that he's gone, I'll never know. But for me, the lady in question is none other than Qatar.

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Forget Her by Jeff Buckley

While this town is busy sleeping
all the noise has died away
i walk the streets to stop my weeping
‘cause she'll never change her ways

Don't fool yourself
she was heartache from the moment that you met her
my heart feels so still
as i try to find the will to forget her somehow
oh i think i've forgotten her now

Her love is a rose pale and dying
dropping her petals and men unknown
all full of wine the world before her
was sober with no place to go

Don't fool yourself
she was heartache from the moment that you met her
my heart is frozen still
cause i try to find the will to forget her somehow
she's somewhere out there now

Oh my tears are falling down as i try to forget
her love was a joke from the day that we met
all of the words all of the men
all of my pain when i think back to when
remember her hair as it shone in the sun
the smell of the bed when i knew what she'd done
tell yourself over and over you wont ever need her again

I have to be honest. As my Qatar anniversary approaches, I'm more confused than ever. After my vacation, I don't know whether I should come back or move on. Maybe I'm just "fooling myself" into thinking that I like it here. But maybe I do like it here. I think I do like it here. Maybe I don't want to go through another adjustment period. There are so many things to consider, all pointing to a way out. The only thing holding me back is of a selfish nature--I'm holding on to the familiar, the expected, the routine. A year is quite short to be starting all over again. Should I really forget her?OUT

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intsik 07 October, 2007  

japs! i dont know. there are a lot of things that bother me now. went to the office hubog. talked about my leave in hubog state. hehehehehehe

there are many questions that id like to ask u about living abroad. i am also thinking about it. i am afraid i might not survive it if im there. but if ever, keep ur line open, okay?

for me, it's forget cebu? i dont know. too hard. 1 year naka dah?

Jap 07 October, 2007  

JOE, yep, 1 year na almost. I used to swear I wouldn't work abroad. But now that I've tried it, I really think one should try it even for just six months. It's a great learning experience.

pablo 08 October, 2007  

yeah, i also think it is a great learning experience. But i don't think I have the patience to deal with mediocrity. people included.
Basi mapriso lang ko diha sa Qatar, luboton pa ko sa prisohan. heheeh

Jap 08 October, 2007  

PABLO, yeah, if you're stuck in my office. But there are a lot of local companies here that are world class like the Qatar line of companies, Qtel, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Gas, Qatar Airways, Qatar Foundation etc. Interested? hehehe And by the way, for most offenses expats usually get deported, unless you specifically choose jailtime. Depending on your fancy, really.

chares 13 October, 2007  

ohmyfrigginwhatever! i just finished downloading all my fave jeff buckley songs!ESPN!!hay crossroads naman jap?listen to your heart a, it will lead you to d right path, but add in a dash of neuron activity and it will lead you to your BEST PATH. i think i will be playing buckley's "last goodbye" for you soon.and natch "halleluiah" when i do see your behind in the PI.!

Jap 14 October, 2007  

BITCH! I hope you got Jeff's cover of "We All Fall In Love Sometimes"'s devine! Although the track that's out on the net is not complete, too bad.

I've been rediscovering Radiohead, too and was even elated when I found out that "Fake Plastic Trees" was recorded right after the band watched Jeff Buckley perform and reportedly, Thom Yorke was so inspired that after only two takes, they wrapped it up and he cried.

So yeah, the two songs that I'm tripping to right now are Jeff Buckley's "Forget Her" and Radiohead's "Lucky" after it was featured in Six Feet Under in one of the series' most moving scenes ever.

Hayyyyy, talking about this makes me miss you even more, bitch. I'll see you soon ah. Mwah

chares c. 22 October, 2007  

who else in this world is more like me than you? and vice versa haha so better get ur ass home biatch and sooooon!

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