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>> Monday, November 27, 2006

It's very rare that you find friends who make you feel at home. And with a bunch composed of virtual orphans and stowaways, it's not hard to instantly form a bond that's almost as strong as family. It's touching enough to know they'll miss you when you leave...wait til they cry. sniff.

Gonna miss you guys. Just hang in there, I'll see you again soon.

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Anonymous 09 January, 2007  

This is one thing I hate doing most - getting in touch with those who left. Lookin' at the pics leaves a searing pain in the heart...drama oi! See... that's why I hate it. Am stil glad to have dropped by. Your write-ups are fascinating indeed!

direkjap 09 January, 2007  

I'm guessing Mam Kat? hehehe Yeah, I know how you hate being emotional because you want to appear "bato" hehehe I'm glad though that you dropped by. I appreciate it even more knowing that you hate keeping in touch =) Sige lang gud oi. Miss you much and thanks for the remark. I'm getting rusty so please feel free to edit my entries hahaha.=)

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