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>> Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's not often you get to see 15 year olds in a 4th grade class, so when I entered P4 at UMAH International Primary School as a substitute teacher I didn't know whether to be shocked or be pleased with the potential hahaha!

The kids' teacher resigned so I had to take over. I asked them what they were doing before I came in and they said they were busy preparing for the coming sportsfest. Then I asked them which team I belonged to and they shouted "Pink!" hehehe kidding! Red team! Cool, I'm pitted against Diane and Espie. Anyway, the children proved to be a tough bunch so I took out the camera and started taking team photos just to calm them a little bit.

Seriously though, it's my first time to handle a class and even though there are only 18 of them it was hard. It's hard because most of these kids know little English. Even harder because P4 is notoriously the nastiest batch in the whole school (Teacher Zoe, the Cantonese teacher, broke her glass in anger while teaching the kids Chinese lessons that day!) Well, I survived my first day anyway with a little strain in my throat.

I taught them comparatives '-er'. And here's the best example and my tactic for the rest of my stint here: 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer'

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