Shabu-shabu, the fattening kind

>> Monday, November 27, 2006

My visit to Hong Kong this year is more pleasant. The last time I was here my mom and I used to fight and argue about almost anything and I showed my rebel side by smoking in front of her. But that was a good couple of years ago and while the buildings here remain the same, I have changed. I quit smoking and after coming out to my mom she has understood me better. So now we're just enjoying our time together, like pigging out on buffet hot pot or shabu-shabu and snapping greeting card worthy poses at the Christmas displays in Central. I love my mom and tis the season to be merry. I Can't wait to be back...and do some serious shopping.

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Anonymous 30 November, 2006  

hi! glad to hear that u are enjoying your new locale.
pics, please :-)

your friend at Entrée

jc_thinknsoul 01 February, 2007  

jap...huhu...miss u miss u... we're not that close but i can feel your soul. 'miss those days,lol. YOU'll survive there i know. SURVIVOR bya ka!!! You helped me a lot hilabi na sa intership ko -angel bya ko, tabangan sad ka ni God.. Stay pretty and witty ga! Good luck in everything Sir/Direk Jap!!! kiss on the nose...ajeje

Jap 14 May, 2007  

My friend at Entree hahaha Thanks Jac, Miss you, sorry tagal ng reply sa comment, didn't see it til now. =) hope all's well..Miss u.

LoLA SM! Surviving gihapon ko, I didn't help a lot sa internship mo, actually you guys helped us a lot =)

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