Tied Up and Smothered with Blood and Gore

>> Sunday, July 8, 2007

The lights went out at 9AM. I took a couple of candles from my room, brought it down to my office, lit one up for my boss and the other one I put on my table. By elevenish, we pushed through with the weekly meeting even though it was dim enough to lose Khalid in the dark. From last week's nine attendees our office staff count reached 17. Men in ties. Yes, including me.

By noon, I called up Johana, a self-confessed fag hag, for lunch and coffee. And finally, at the mall, after the blackout at the office, after the surprise population explosion, after a heavy meal at the Filipino restaurant, after a cup of mint mocha, and after engaging in heavy flirtation (bordering into sexual harassment, really) with a Lebanese working in a perfume shop, I went out of the mall, found a van, and got myself sucked.

Bloodsucked, that is. The Red Crescent (it figures why they don't use Red Cross in a Muslim country) was holding a blood donation drive. I have always wanted to donate blood but never had the chance to do so back home. I dragged Johana to the Red Crescent van and convinced her to do it with me. No, not sex but the bloodletting. Good intentions aside, I had hoped that they can classify my blood because I don't know what my blood type is. Unfortunately, they can't do it in their van. I went ahead with the donation anyway and watched as my blood flowed through the narrow tube and slowly filled the blood bag. Somehow I found this relaxing if not mildly erotic.

The next day, I thought I'd mellow down from the halloween motif--orange tie on black shirt--and grabbed an earthy color from the new set of clothes that hung from my disposable cabinet. When my boss saw me, he congratulated me again for finally looking like an executive. I smiled and told him that I'm glad I put a smile on his face, otherwise my 500-riyal shopping spree would have been put to waste. Already, I had supplied the proper tone to my new look--smartass.

It turned out I had every right to be grumpy. The accountant slash registrar slash cashier left the office for a month-long vacation and I was given two out of three of his tasks. They would have given me the registrar job as well if my Arabic was good. Thank God for small miracles.

The task at hand is daunting. The accountant was so old school that he did everything in scribbles on manually-lined graphing paper. I told the boss right away that I'm not up for the job. It's ironic that I hired an accountant to do all the gory stuff for my biz back in Davao while I'm here doing accounting for somebody else's biz.

The effects of multi-tasking are glaring. For one, I haven't attended to my blogging ritual. I also felt a bit of stress. It might be the tie. It might be the bloodletting hangover. It might be the horror of facing numbers. I'm celebrating an early halloween and they're not giving any candies.OUT

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intsik 10 July, 2007  

The tie is perfect! GQ indeed. hehehe

My dear, as a call center agent, MULTITASKING is the main job. This is in between "blog-hopping"... hehehehehehehe imagine irate americans having internet probs, check on their account status while understanding the problem of tehir connections and listening to their babies cry on the background. AT the same time, commenting on ur blog, editing my post, and clicking on friendster! hahahahahah i love this!

So good luck sa accounting my dear! U remember our bookkeeping class back in high school, right? LOL! [Kumusta naman diyan, Miss Villanueva?]

Ur really something Japitoy. Here in Cebu, im always confounded by the endless DONATE-A-BLOOD-HELP-THE-POOR Campaign and i always have my way avoiding it! Can't comment more with ur latest medical adventure! LOL!

Cute ba ang kumuha ng dugo mo? LOL!

lee 11 July, 2007  

lol, gotta wear a tie now eh? =P ...whats with the blood donating? o_o
Whats your bloodtype thingy, btw? I mean like, can't you call those bloodsucking people and ask? o_0

But ye. Enjoy playing with numbers xD

Jap 11 July, 2007  

JOEY, I guess that's one of the qualities of a Pinoy worker, multi-tasking. Pentium should buy the rights to our genes and put a hologram sticker on our foreheads: Pentium inside. hehehe

After high school I was able to put into practice what I have learned so I still have a good understanding of accounting but it really is a messy job and as much as possible I don't want to get my hands dirty.

You should donate blood, Joe. It's for a good cause. It's also good for your health. It's also for good karma. hehehe

Cute ba kumuha ng dugo? It was this Indian chick who's borderline pretty. She kept on smiling and she was amused when I asked her to put my blood beside me and take out my phone from inside my pocket LoL

LEE, Gotta wear a tie now, no thanks to your dad, you wanker! It's probably your idea ey? hehehe

What's with the blood donating? I just felt like it, had to do it now, cause there are some countries where I can't do it hahaha

Why are you interested with my bloodtype? hahaha Sorry kiddo, don't know what it is. I keep hoping they'd text me the results of the blood test, it's the least they could do right? I don't have their phone number so I'll have to wait until somebody decides to spill the info.

I'd hardly enjoy playing with numbers though. If it were my money I'm counting, I wouldn't mind at all. =)

Anonymous 11 July, 2007  

derf: jap! 3 times nako nagdonate ug dugo...lami jud sya. hehehe...congrats!!! dakong tabang na sa katawhan!

intsik 11 July, 2007  

hahahahahahahaha i see.. so this a bianca lapus pala... kahit pretty xa, sayo na xa dear... hehehehehe

i thouhgt isang matipunong cutie yon... hahahaha

slim whale 11 July, 2007  

i passed out right after donating blood a few years back. mildly erotic? hmmm. didn't notice that then. maybe i should donate again and see if i get turned on.

HRHMax 11 July, 2007  

Donating blood falls just a little below a shark attack in my books. Siguro malipong-lipong na ko bago nila matusok ang dagum sa butkon ko. Props to you, Jap! I've been told my blood type so many times but I can't remember what it is! A? Or is that just my personality? hee hee.

I remember those accounting classes. But only because her assignments were so easy and we got work on them sa Pavillion. I remember finishing them real fast para we would have time to play volleyball sa covered courts. (Why does that remind me of Edwin Baldia?) haha! But seriously, swerte lang sila dira nga you are a jack of all trades. Salary should be commensurate dognabbit!

Jap 12 July, 2007  

DERF nganong wa man ko nimo gina uban sa imong bisyo? LoL nugtana lang ko derf, nagkapasa pod ba imong arm human donate? naa lagi ko bruise ay.

JOEY, do you think you'd actually donate blood if it were a 'matipunon cutie' taking it? ehehe

SLIM, yup, you can donate again and see if your fetishes have progressed to include blood hehehe

MAXIE, hehe trust me, you can barely feel it. I wish I had the same kind of fear, then the experience would have been like bunjee jumping hehe

Max, why did it remind you of Edwin Baldia? Did you guys hook up? Or is it just a volleyball thing? Tell me something juicy that happened in high school hehehe

HRHMax 12 July, 2007  

Jap, I wish I could say something juicy happened. Pero parente ko si Baldia. hahaha! I think it was just the volleyball connection. I know, I know. Blue balls na naman.

intsik 12 July, 2007  

[Japs] hahahahaha NOPE pa rin, my dear! no blood for me pls...

[Maxie] hahahahaha yup. i remembered it max. parente gd kamo gali ni edwin. i find him sexy baya with his unusually high shoulders... hehehehe

Jap 12 July, 2007  

Uhm Ok, so both of you have the hots for Edwin? LoL how's he anyway?

Anonymous 13 July, 2007  

derf: wala man. katong tiny scar lang nga mawala sab dayon...last time, medyo sakit ang pagtusok kay student nurse man gud ang nagkuha sa blood. pero, so far, wala man pasa. ipachek oi, maybe something is wrong. :-D

Jules 13 July, 2007  

sa red cross natin, la discrimination based of sexual preference... i know cuz i screen the donors haha

Jap 13 July, 2007  

DERF, I asked my nurse friend already and he said that the bruise after effect does occur on some people. It's getting bigger though like blood is clotting from the inside. But still he said not to worry. So bahala na =)

JULES, yup, kaya nga dapat ang mga bakla sa Pinas mag donate ng dugo hehehe

Pablo 19 July, 2007  

hey, maybe we should lay it all out what our blood type is.. who knows? basi tawagan tamo kung kailangan nako ug dugo.

btw, I'm a regular blood donor sa red cross. But not for the next six months, I think. I just got a tattoo in Thailand.

I know, quite risky because of the high incidence of HIV there but what can I say? I was with this Burmese guy and we were both stone drunk. Thank GOD for alcohol!

Maayo unta wa koy HIV. Weeeeeeee!

Jap 19 July, 2007  

Pablo, that's a good idea, but let me get my results first cause until now I don't know what my blood type is hehehe.

A tattoo from Thailand? hmmm. Either the country or the Burmese guy (whom you shared a single bed with) made a big impression that you had to imprint the memory on your skin. hehehe

I doubt if you would be getting HIV from the tattoo. If ever, it would be from too much drunken nights spent with your bedspacer hehehe just kidding pablo, I know you're str8 as an arrow that's why I like to kid with you =)

Jap 19 July, 2007  

BTW, PABLO, I forgot to congratulate you for donating blood frequently. I don't know how you do it back home cause I've always wanted to donate blood but found it very inconvenient. I hope mobile blood centers would be available so concerned peeps can donate with ease. =) so, cheers choi =) shotting ta human donate hehehe

pablo 20 July, 2007  

Donating blood here is easy as 1...2...3.

1. go to red cross
2. suck your blood dry
3. drink beer afterwards


I've done too many stupid things while drunk, that's why i don't drink as much anymore. Pero basta naay manghagad, di ko modili.

hmmnn... you know what? the burmese and I slept in the same bed. I wonder what happened? hehehe

Jap 28 July, 2007  

PABLO, that's the point, I don't even know where Red Cross is located hehehe

While you 'wonder' what happened to you and the Burmese, I, on the other hand, confirm. =) bleh hehehe

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