Wasted Orange

>> Saturday, July 21, 2007

I found this a few months ago, but it is only now that it seems ripe for posting in this blog.

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8 responses:

intsik 22 July, 2007  

oist! the best ever!

hani 22 July, 2007  

hahaha! very interesting.

jinoe 23 July, 2007  

bastos nga orange ni ay.

pablo 24 July, 2007  

i don't get it. What happened to the orange in the last frame? he got drunk and slept? Coz i see his bald head peeking from beneath the sheets.. hehe

Jap 24 July, 2007  

PABLO, it's really a think-piece, isn't it? LoL! It's open for interpretation. Personally, I think he got a Peach hooker and it's giving him head under the covers hehehe

Gypsy 26 July, 2007  

The ideas that come out from people's brains...hehe...funny one, this! :)

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