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Six bottles of beer ago, I was shaving and pre-partying with an XL can of beer while listening to Robbie Williams proclaim he's the world's most handsome man. Pre-partying with Rob is highly recommended because his ego is contagious. Five bottles of beer ago, I was waiting in a long line of party goers to Qatar's worst club (but the only one I've been to anyway) Qube--at least the guys behind this bar know that Q is followed with a U...most of the time. Four bottles of beer ago, I was moving from one dark corner of the club to another, trying to get the feel of the place but mostly bumping into sweaty bodies. Three bottles of beer ago, a smile popped up on my face and stayed there. Two bottles of beer ago, my world turned, gravity lost its hold and rays of green laser light beamed for me and only for me and I felt each ray as it touched my skin. One beer ago, I was dancing but mostly bumping my sweaty body into people who have just arrived. Now, I am the universe, and I go to random guys and whisper to their ears magic words that will never be known (the way Brian Kinney must've done to patrons of Babylon), and they smile and we hug and dance and I proclaim 'I am tipsy', as only a drunk guy would admit to.

I went to Qube alone last Thursday and got slightly wasted. I may or may not have gone home with someone. I couldn't remember. But I did remember smiling, all through the night, and that's what's important. The place was crappy but paradise was just a few beers away. After almost a month of harder work, pay-off, no matter how cheap, was necessary.

There is joy when the only thing you think about as you go to bed is the flaming aftertaste of alcohol and you swear never to do it again as the room starts spinning and you fall asleep. I can't wait to go back and be numb again. OUT

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intsik 29 July, 2007  

I love Robbie Williams! hehehehe

and before and after jugjugs, if i'm doing it at home, Robbie sings "Let Me Entertain You". hehehe

at least japs, naay party zone diha. ikaw bah. by the way, Jackson is in Qatar pala. u might want to meet up with him. Jackson from college?

gosh! i miss na QAF. But I like Michael jud Japs. Brian is so bigaon. hahahahahahahahaha

teh, naumpawan ka na?

Gypsy 30 July, 2007  

Hmm...did you check if you have a nice gold band on your ring finger?? You may have gotten married somewhere between the last 2 bottles you finished off. ;)

Jap 30 July, 2007  

INTSIK, I'm actually a big fan of the Robster. And I'm not ashamed. He's a total entertainer, he sings great, he writes great, he performs great. My favorite is Come Undone and Revolution, but if I'm going to pick a jugjugs soundtrack, it would be Lovelight (but I usually jugjugs to Massive Attack hehehe)

Yup, there are bars and clubs here but I haven't been to the other places. Sometimes they also party at the sand dunes (i'm not's like Woodstock kuno).

Would be nice to bump into Jackson, but I don't think we'd have anything to talk about hehehe

I like Michael too. But I identify more with Brian. Sex for me is casual like that. No second takes =) and I really like flirting in clubs.

Naumpawan na ko, Joe. But I think i'm going to give this nightlife thing another chance. I thought I won't enjoy it na pero it's fun gihapon.

GYPSY, I checked my gold band. I don't think same sex marriage is allowed in Qatar anyway hahaha =)

HRHMax 31 July, 2007  

Oh Jap, that is awesome you are having fun! Now you know why alcohol is my poison of choice. Instant happiness gid, miskan gasuluca pagka buwas.

Take it from this borderline AA candidate (pero indi ta lang pag i-advertise ha?), shots are the way to go. Wine is good for chilling, beer bloats you and sweet frou frou drinks are a guaranteed hangover. Pero shots (Jager, tequila, vodka or rum are yum!)are the fastest way to get a maximum buzz. The bonus - less calories and they take up less real estate in your tummy. Perfect for an all out dance party! (fake slapping optional, ofcourse.)

Love, love, love Robbie Williams too. But Pet Shop Boys ang all time favorite ko for singing along mintras naga-primp for going out. I always get psyched when I hear "Absolutely Fabulous" and "It's a Sin" or "Single, Bilingual" haha!

Wala ko mahambal parti sa diskarte (out of practice si inday), pero I'm sure you have that taken care of already. ;)

intsik 31 July, 2007  

[japs] my friend, damo ka gd itudlo kay jackson. first thing, y doont u orient him on QAF! hehehehehe basi pa lang makatuon xa styles na di obvious! hehehe

Jap 31 July, 2007  

LoL@Maxie, yup, it's been quite a while since i last partied. it's not fun here in the desert pero cge na lang.

I'd be taking tequila shots if I was back in PI kay mas barato didto! hehehe kaya here beer na lang anay. And the bottle keeps me company kun magrampa hehehe

robbie + pet shop boys = she's madonna hahahaha i don't think they make a good combination lol

Joey, what do you mean about Jackson learning styles nga indi obvious? hehehe I added him up na sa friendster. Wait na lang ko. He might be reading my blog soon so let's keep the Jackson talk private hehehe

HRHMax 31 July, 2007  

Yots. Pwede kapadala booze by mail dira? Barato diri sa duty free, e! Galing basi ma confiscate?

Jap 31 July, 2007  

Maxie, smuggling contraband may be grounds for deportation and probably several lashings hehehe mantinir na lang ko girl lol.

HRHMax 01 August, 2007  

Oh no! I don't want to be the reason nga ma-castigo ka. Sa private reunion ta, sigurado may shots, a. hehehe. You have lots of time to build up your tolerance!

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