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>> Monday, August 6, 2007

In the dream, I was headed to a video shoot. I knew it was a dream right away because how on earth would I be carrying Angel Locsin, playing the part of an angel with cheap crepe paper wings, while she, supposedly, tried to save Richard Guttierez from an inevitable career plunge? I was certain that it was a dream because I was carrying Angel but at the same time I was operating the camera and going for a crane shot--how else can I be in two places at once? I played along because dreams are not real anyway. Not unless it becomes too familiar; then you know it's time to wake up.

The shoot ended in a wrap party. Every one of my friends were there. I was so happy. So ecstatic, in fact,that even if they closed me off from the party in some producer's house, I walked home alone but literally jumping for joy. I realized later when I woke up that I dreamt this part because of a recent comment I made in Gypy's blog about having a job you love.

Then, as I was walking gleefully along the dark streets of Qatar (my only clue were the lightning fast cars on the road), a car chase straight from Grand Theft Auto ensued. Up ahead, an SUV flattened a dozen lamp posts before it crashed on an island.

The driver, dressed in black, got out of the vehicle and walked towards my direction. I sensed his ill intentions so I hid behind a palm tree that obviously only covered half my body. The guy in black approached me and pointed a gun at me (this is what I get from watching Zodiac the other night). I only got to plead twice before he shot me on my chest. I got angry and promised that I won't let him get away with it.

To my surprise, he chopped my head off and put it in a box then he went to a cargo truck which was loaded with the same box he was carrying. I followed him in spirit, meaning to scare him off with my ghost. When I tried to reach for him I found out that I wasn't following him as a spirit at all but as a headless body!

That was the time I woke up. With a smile. And the first relevant thing I saw was a pile of textbooks on my bedside table. Some Qatari student had asked me to do his research work. Although he's paying for it, I still can't help but feel a bit brain raped.

The metaphor was too clear to be dismissed. Believe me, there's a thin line between dreams and reality.OUT

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slim whale 07 August, 2007  

and that qatari student will be running off to his graduation with your severed head under his arm. your subconscious might be saying something there.

intsik 08 August, 2007  

hahahahaha this could pass as an episode on ON THE LOT. hahahahaha

japoy! im so down and low. can we meet na lang in one of our dreams bro! hahay!

Jap 08 August, 2007  

Slim, my headless body will always be two steps behind him! LoL =)


Intsik, I haven't seen any On the Lot films yet but now I'm interested hehee

Tara, joeiboi, let's go get coffee and talk about your woes =) take it easy, k?

Anonymous 09 August, 2007  

(derf) kung headless na ka jap, pwede na ka sa perya...tapad mo atong headless lady (hidlis lidi) a carnabal! yehey!

pablo 09 August, 2007  

That means weirdo kaayo imo damgo kay maski tulog ka nakarealize gihapon ka nagdamgo ka. :P

Wa man jud ko nagdamgo ana ka weirdo oi... in fact, wa ko kahinumdom sa kadaghanan sa ako damgo. Gawas kung wet dream. heheh

Jap 09 August, 2007  

DERF! buhi pa diay ka?! sus oi, full time na jud imong pagkareporter? lol miss you derf. ana ba, paramdam pod panagsa. ayaw pangluod diha ha =)

I remember that 'hidlis lidi' at the 'im a carnabal'. Just wanna ask though, why are they always in swim suits? Is it the headless lady fashion? hehehe


Pablo, astang bisayaa nimo dong oi. hihihi. unsa diay na ang wet dream? basa na damgo?

Anonymous 09 August, 2007  

good for you, i usually forgot my dreams no matter how hard i try to remember them.

Jap 09 August, 2007  

meloi, i think the secret to remembering dreams is to wake up abruptly =)

Gypsy 10 August, 2007  

Wow ha, this is the first time I have heard of a post that triggered a dream..hehe...mine pa! Naks. Anyway, am impressed with your dreams--half the time my dreams either make no sense or I don't remember much of it, only the fact that they are in color! ;) Mga creative people lang daw nagde-dream ng may color..hehe!

Jap 11 August, 2007  

Gypsy, it's great that you dream in color hehehe I think I'm creative enough but I don't know for sure if my dreams are in color. I will try to find out the next time I dream. Maybe your comment will trigger another episode hehehe

pablo 11 August, 2007  

Ay pangit! Puro color ang dreams.

HOw does that work? tonight you dream of green... tomorrow yellow naman. Tapos pink, blue, red. So when you're feeling REALLY creative, you dream of rainbow. Wow. :P

worthless 12 August, 2007  

ahh...niuli na bya si angel tapos nagkasabay sila ni jap..ah este Cogie?! spell check pls..heeeeeeeee

la lang....... ;p

Annamanila 21 August, 2007  

I agree with Gypsy ... very impressive ang dream mo. Kainggit. I wish I had dreams as lush and thick and as creative as yours that may perhaps be sold as a concept to some production outfit. You're in film, aren't you? My daughter is an aspiring filmmaker too, graduated from UP masscom, film major.

Jap 22 August, 2007  

ANNA, yup, I'm into film too. Your daughter is extremely lucky to have studied in UP Film. She has better chances in the industry than us plain masscom grads =)

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