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>> Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thanks to my friend Martin who forwarded the email containing the now famous Malu Fernandez article entitled "From Boracay to Greece" (page 30 and page 31 of People Asia Magazine), I am in the mood for some ranting. Quite timely for my NC-17 Rating anyway. But I suppose I should say something, being in the Middle East and all, even if I'm one of the last people to know about this outrage.

Before I actually react to Malu's article, let me say that (even before you point it out to me) I am aware that, like Malu, I have written humorous posts at the expense of others. But, unlike Malu, I am not a paid writer (not even a pro blogger) so I don't answer to an editor or to sponsors.

It is not to say though that I am irresponsible. I have a good idea of what is acceptable and what is not--stick to the truth, avoid generalizations, minimize attacks. And one thing I always remember: when I point out the silliness of people in my posts, I make sure that they don't get to read it.

So what's the difference between this:
Edmar is the kind of Pinoy you don't want the other races to base their Flip stereotype on. It's not good to judge the book by its cover, but a couple of amateur tattoos can tell you a lot about the person. He hails from the northern part of Luzon. He's the kind of Filipino that Rex Navarette makes fun of in his routine--wer for where, soaf for soap, etc. Although Edmar is a blast to talk to in kanto-level conversations (ie "nakakain na ako ng tao" or "I have eaten a man" -- a statement that can only come from a post-fried brain), I'd avoid speaking to him when other officemates are within earshot for fear of being accused of racism.
-Jap@Like Clockwork Orange (a lousy blog)

and this:
The duty-free shop was overrun with Filipino workers selling cell phones and perfume. Meanwhile, I wanted to slash my wrist at the thought of being trapped in a plane with all of them… On my way back, I had to bravely take the economy flight once more. This time I had already resigned myself to being trapped like a sardine in a sardine can with all these OFWs smelling of AXE and Charlie cologne while my Jo Malone evaporated into thin air.
-Malu Fernandez@People Asia (an International Magazine)

Admit it, the former is funny while the latter is simply insulting. Therefor, I claim my right to rant about Ms Malu Fernandez.

Malu is not a pig. A lot of
bloggers and vloggers have called her Ms Piggy or Oink Oink, but I refuse to call her a pig because even though she resembles one, she is still human. The issue here is not why this jet-setting socialite flies economy and cannot afford a much-needed liposuction so she can fit in a sardine-can airplane. The issue here is how she addressed millions of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and millions more of their families back in the Philippines.

I guess she has her reasons. But I don't get why she should be embarrassed to be trapped in the same space as OFWs. I'd be embarrassed to be trapped in the same space with Paris Hilton wannabes who think that Jo Malone EDTs and a few visa entries stamped on their passports can get them goddess status in Greece.

Before she made an apology, she had the audacity to justify her article:

In the end, Malu Fernandez 'resigned' from her jobs at Manila Standard and People Asia so we're supposed to feel sorry for her.

I actually feel sad for Malu, because no matter how much perfume she sprays on her body, no matter how many designer clothes she buys, and no matter how many air miles she flies around the world, she is still a Filipino--born in a third world country. If she wishes to be of another nationality, maybe we should gladly accept her renouncement of her citizenship.

I just hope that for Malu's sake, fate won't let us share a plane ride because I have a feeling I will accidentally spill hot soup (and the rest of my in-flight dinner) on her face.

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The King 25 August, 2007  

I also kinda felt offended by her comments, OFW ang parents ko sa Bahrain. And as a Filipino myself, madisappoint ako na kapaw Filipino pa ang may ganyang ka-bigot na views.

But I didn't bother sharing my 2 cents worth already, because by the time I've heard of this issue, matagal na siya. But I definitely share the disgust, haha!

I really wonder how her editors allowed such articles to be printed.

sparks 26 August, 2007  

No where in my blog have I called anyone a pig. Please take down the link. You're misrepresenting my blog. Thank you.

Jap 26 August, 2007  

THE KING, you said it =) So what does your mom have to say about this issue? =)

SPARKS, oops my bad, i thought i had linked another blog...sorry sparks, didn't mean to misrepresent you there =) thanks for bringing it to my attention =)

Anonymous 26 August, 2007  

derf: makasuya sya. mao lang. apply na lang sa people asia jap, mas funny pa imong write ups...hehehe...

Jap 26 August, 2007  

DERF salamat ha =) hehehe naa naman diay vacancy noh? Pero ayaw lang oi basi'g magkamali lang ko sama aning link na mali basi mapareha ta anang Malu hehehe daghaaaaaan kaau blogs nag post ug Malu-bash ambot kung ginabasa ba niya na isa isa hahaha

lee 26 August, 2007  

who the fuck is this malu lady?

o btw Jap, that word verification thing is a pain in the ass, lol.


Jap 27 August, 2007  

LEE, that Malu lady is exactly it: the FUCK. and btw, that word verification thing is a security measure. I don't want to be plagued with spam comments, so I'm sorry for the inconvenience =(

SPARKS, whew. Thanks =) I hope you won't mind if I link you up in my blogroll though =)

HRHMax 28 August, 2007  

Did this hideously obese, name dropping, wannabe bitch not stop to consider that perhaps the funk of her fat folds was just too much for Jo Malone to mask? She deserved every one of those death threats she got. I hope they lace her drink with Ipecac the next time she takes to the air and the flight attendants are Filipinos. Better yet, just throw her ass out the plane.

Some people are too disgusting to swallow. I come from OFW parents and although I may not technically be one, I certainly appreciate what an OFW is and how hard they have to work. There is nothing wrong with a honest job. Unlike Madame Cellulite, none of these OFWs step over people to advance their careers.

I read her article and this woman is totally faking it at being a jet setter. She's trying too hard. She thinks she writes for an ignorant audience. What she needs to think about is giving up all the make up and accessories. They're not doing her any good. Not even an old fashioned starvation freaking diet is going to help her. But I digress. My point is, she ain't ever gonna be white on the outside. Fucking accept it and live with it, poser.

Jap 28 August, 2007  

Max, welcome to the club. The good thing about this is, when someone actually murders her, they'll have a hard time figuring out who did it =) but I guess the way things are going, they'd actually make the murderer a hero hehehe seriously though, I don't wish death for such an ignorant person, that would be an easy way out. I hope the wheels will turn on her that she will be forced to work abroad someday...and as a shopgirl for Jo Malone! hahaha =)

intsik 29 August, 2007  

hahahahah will somebody remind her of the amount of dollars OFWs pour in the coffers of our country?

Anonymous 29 August, 2007  

Check out her pics at

nottinism 29 August, 2007  

My first impression of Ms. Butt Ugly Fernandez was , spoiled rotten name dropping diva. Her account of her “summer” of travel with her side swipes of those who “work for living” whether in the middle east or Manila while perhaps a bit caustic are actually accurate for someone who thinks of herself as a “haves” when actually she is closer morally to a “wannabe”. I didn’t find the article particularly caustic or humorous. Surface writing is a better descriptor. That rather self serving travelog wasn’t nearly as important and telling as her better thought out retort.

jayclops 30 August, 2007  

Feel ko na gusto niya mag artista. Pwede siya next Minni Aguilar or Marissa Sanchez. Hehe.

Jap 30 August, 2007  

INTSIK, yup, she probably doesn't realize that if ever all the OFWs in the world would contribute a dollar to the Malu Fernandez Head Bounty, even her rich friends would kill her for the millions of dollars reward.

ANONYMOUS, thanks for the link, will check it out later.

NOTTINISM, you are right, her article was as shallow as a text message, reading it was like going through the pages of a high school paper.

JAY, you're forgetting something, she doesn't have sense of humor and her comedic timing is off. She'll do well as a stunt double for Minnie or Marissa though hehehe

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