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>> Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tactless people annoy me. Sometimes, this is the downside of friendship--tactlessness. So when my Pinoy pal told me that I'm spending way too much time in front of the computer, I knew he has entered the comfort zone and there's no turning back. He'll forever terrorize me with reality like Boy Abunda's mirror glaring back at me whichever direction I face.

Edmar, our office/tea boy, is fond of pointing out the obvious, only in more exaggerated terms:

I work as a sercretary/media & communications officer/ accountant thus the computer is my best friend. Edmar barged in my office and said "Pare, lagi ka na lang sa computer a!" (Buddy, you're always in front of the computer!). I smiled and said "Yes, that's true". I wish I could barge in in his kitchen and tell him that he's always making tea and coffee.

One time I was in the kitchen talking to Edmar and I stretched. Then, with a ghastly reaction, he alarmingly said "Pare! Ang laki na ng tyan mo!" (Buddy! Your belly is huge!). I smiled and said "Yes, that's true", although I find it unfair that he has the same expression saying that line as how he would react to a natural calamity. I mean, I never come up to him and say "Pare, ang pangit mo!" like it was the apocalypse.

I drink a lot of water and he says "Pare, water therapy tayo ngayon a!"

I wake up early and he says "Pare, ang aga mo naman!" (Buddy, you're early!)

I wake up late and he says "Pare, late ka na nagising a!" (Buddy, you're late!)

I eat late and he says "Pare, mamatay ka na nyan sa gutom!" (Buddy, you'll die of hunger!)

I eat on time and he says "Pare, lalo kang lalaki nyan!" (Buddy, you'll get bigger!)

Man, I'm annoyed but there's nothing I can do. "Pare, na-iirita ka na ata wala kang magawa!"OUT

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intsik 16 August, 2007  

japs! ooopppsss... igo ko sa post... sorry... stating the obvious... my apologies. :)

nice one... heheheh dugay naka wala nagpost haw?

HRHMax 16 August, 2007  

True signs of an unwanted BFF. Normally, avoidance would work just fine. Pero since he works with you, it sounds like only direct bluntness will work on him. Except he'll probably turn around and start talking about you to the other folks at your work.

I vote to put all unwanted BFFs on a deserted island and have them drive eachother crazy.

Anonymous 17 August, 2007  

eeeeeekkkkkkk! maka-relate ko. If i were you, ayaw na lang pansina. or if he is really fucking annoying, point him a knife and slash his neck. Kidding!

daniel palma tayona 17 August, 2007  

hahahaha, i am so glad i bumped into your blog. it really IS quite annoying how some people can't seem to quite rubbing things in.

"pare, nakakatuwa ang blog mo." (buddy, this is cute.)


Gypsy 17 August, 2007  

Hay! Alam ko kung anong pwede mong comeback, "Pare! Etong piso, maghanap ka ng ibang kausap." Hmp!

Anonymous 17 August, 2007  

once he stops doing that, you'll miss it.

slim whale 17 August, 2007  

"pare, ang pangit mo ah!"

that really made me laugh. why not try telling him that everyday? that should shut him up.

Jap 17 August, 2007  

INTSIK hehehe sorry, bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan zsa zsa zaturnnah...been busy Joe =) kwarta na ni!

MAXIE, I give him hints but he doesn't seem to get it. Most of the time when he's around, I'd act busy but then he won't let me go without saying "Pare, mamatay ka na sa kakatrabaho nyan a!"

MELOI, I tried to ignore him but he takes silent treatment as "Pare, ang lalim ng problema mo a!"

DANIEL PALMA TAYONA, "Pare kumpletong kumpleto pangalan mo ah!" hehehe aw gawd it's contagious! Thanks for reading, btw =)

GYPSY, that's a good comeback hehehe I might use it one of these days =) thanks!

JEFF - REIJI, I miss it already =/

SLIM, I can't fight fire with fire. And even if I find him annoying I don't think I want to hurt his feelings hehehe bait noh? lol physical injury ang target ko sa kanya di emotional hahaha

daniel palma tayona 18 August, 2007  

oo nga eh. madali akong hanapin ng NBI kung saka-sakaling gumawa ako ng internet fraud. mwehehehehehe

Anonymous 19 August, 2007  

Pare...wala lang...teaheeeeeeeeeeeee

Annamanila 21 August, 2007  

I read the post next to this and what do you know you really appreciate Pareng Edgar ... you just forget. hahaha Bet when its his turn to leave, you'd really miss his kaparehan. :)

Annamanila 21 August, 2007  

I think that's sometimes known as small talk. Stating the obvious .. just so you one can say something and not be accused of being a snob.

Jap 22 August, 2007  

ANNA, yup, it is small talk. Although I'd personally prefer a simple "what's up?" or "how are you?" =)

Jules 04 September, 2007  

cuz he's in love with you pare... sabik-na-sabik sa 'yo hehehehehe

rubbing it in for u heheheh

Jap 18 October, 2007  

JULES, sorry, just read your comment...a bit late, but anyway, thanks for rubbing it in hehehe

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