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>> Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today was a good day to kill someone. After the adrenaline rush in my last post, I thought I was ready to write something light. But this morning, I was faced with yet another pisser that goes by the name Hossam. He confirmed for me, that a pile of shit with a necktie is simply a gift-wrapped turd.

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I proceeded with my day as usual, although I was already a bit on the edge because I wasn't able to sleep the whole night on account that I walked from Costa Coffee to the office which was a good two hours from 2AM till 4AM. Add my pinoy pal scratching the surface of my crankiness with his usual annoyances. In between that were the boss and Mustafa passing work like they're feeding pulp in a paper mill, expecting me to churn out glossy pieces of A4 from the stinking crap they come up with. By noon, I was ready to explode.

Hossam is a newbie to the office. Three weeks old but already a hotshot since he is Mustafa's best buddy. Hossam and I never really got along well. He has issues and they extended to me.

For some reason, I feel that he hates my guts. I don't mind, you can't expect everybody to like you. And he's the last person I'd want to be friends with anyway. As long as we kept to ourselves though, there wouldn't be any problems. But this morning, Hossam decided to cross the line, invade my space and claim it as his own.

Here's the scenario: I was busy working when Hossam barged inside my office and asked, and not in a nice way, for some letterheads. I proceeded to print five. At the table in front of me, my officemate Abdalla asked for help on his computer so I went there, leaving my post empty while Hossam waited for the printing to finish. After a while, Hossam started tinkering with my PC without even asking for my permission. He was unaware that I was already giving him the WTF look. He then left the room. A little bit later, he was back again, and said that he needed eight more letterheads so he used my computer, without asking me again and that was the time when I snapped, calmly.

"Hossam. Please do NOT use my computer without asking permission," I said slowly so he would understand simple English. His arrogant reply got me trembling so bad I wanted to punch him in the face the way Shia LeBouf's character in Disturbia punched that Spanish teacher. "This is not your computer, this is the office's computer, this is not only for you, this is for everybody."

What. The. Fuck. Is he sick? Obviously, the concept of privacy is lost in this dimwit. So I told him and not so calmly this time, "Hossam, is it so hard to ask permission? I don't go to your computer and use it at whim! I'm not forbidding you to use my computer, all you need to do is ask, I'm right here in front of you!"

"Hey, the boss asked me to do something. This is for the boss I'm doing, if you have a problem, talk to him!" was his reply. "Oh, I definitely will!" I said. And that was the end of our spat.

I think I don't need to tell you how I almost unplugged the computer, bring it to Hossam's table, and throw it on his head. I talked to the boss though and told him that one of his golden boys was stinking the office with foul behavior.

Hossam and Mustafa always seem to get props from the boss. In fact, when I told the boss how a piss-off his favorite rookie was, I hinted that he tried to defend the twat by saying that he "did ask Hossam to do some things for him," to which I replied "But that doesn't give him any right to use my PC without my go signal because we both know what kind of sensitive information we have in there," then I gave him the wink wink and I'm not referring to my porn collection either. The boss has emails that only the two of us know of. "Please teach your boys some manners to go with their suit and tie," I told the boss and left his office. God knows what the boss said to Hossam after I left, but I bet it's something short of dealing with a naughty baby--there there now, don't be naughty again next time or papa will get angry, OK?

For the Nth time, I don't really care about office politics and these guys simply don't get it that I don't want their jobs nor have I aspirations like them to become a boss. I just want my peace and quiet and a little respect (how pink is that?).OUT

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lee 29 August, 2007  

Dude, fuck those bastards. They just a bunch of no good sons of bitches. You should feel proud as I woulda snapped the moment the fuckhead try to even justify his shit. But ye...fuck them.


Jap ftw.

intsik 29 August, 2007  

japs! kalma! arab nation na! basi manghilabot sila sa imo while you're sleeping. mayo lang ta kung se4xual, pero basi bala mata ka may gripo na da sa tiyan mo (knock on wood). hahy, cge lang, cool lang. what u did was soooooo right! ang boss gd dapat magdeal sa stupidity niya. is he good looking bah? heheheheh smile beh!

Jap 29 August, 2007  

LEE, yeah, maybe you can do a Kale for me and have yourself house arrested, you don't leave the house anyways hehehe

INTSIK, yup, this is an arab nation, meaning, these spoiled people are not athletic, don't know any martial arts skills, and don't have the balls. Basi sila magripuhan ko, I may look mild-mannered pero nagdako ko sa sqwasqwa so I know a couple of tricks (plus I'm hoping to pull a Manny Pacquiao based on my pinoy instincts). but, like you said, the boss should do all the real bitching. but the next time he does this to me, hamunon ko gid cya to a fight, and I'll make sure he'll land the first and only punch on me before I dial for the police and have his fat ass deported. =) nice plan? hehehe

Gypsy 29 August, 2007  

Ay naku, ang puso....anyway, I totally understand how you feel, I get really upset when someone uses my PC without permission...and even when I am not around, I KNOW when someone has been using it, and that even upsets me more! Grr...ay ang puso ko...:(

jayclops 29 August, 2007  

Hmmm... Office politics. Sounds familiar. hehe.

Anonymous 30 August, 2007  

jap, thanks for the advice regarding those line break probs i got, i tried doing what you've said but it just didnt work... maybe i just need some thinking and a little patience... thanks anyway... thanks again... and oh, never mind those bastards, or just think that they are created to let us know we're their total opposite. looking at the brighter side, you know...

Jap 30 August, 2007  

GYPSY, sinabi mo pa..ang puso ko hehehe

JAY, is that why you're quitting your job? hehehe

BOREDMATE, you're welcome, although I'm sorry that my suggestion didn't work out for you. Thanks for reading =)

Anonymous 01 September, 2007  

VANishing star witness: Now I imagine you with your trembling lips, big popped eyes and husky toned voice! pang famas! whaaa.

Anonymous 02 September, 2007 man q masulti wui...hehehe........

ahhh................. =S

Just kill them nalang kea!!! Joke.. teaheeeeeee...keep it cool baby.... =)

aryo 03 September, 2007  

You now have two persons to spill hot soup on. Laban!

slim whale 04 September, 2007  

what a total ass! good thing you kept your cool. i don't know what iwould've done in that situation. i might probably have unscrewed his empty head off and thrown it out the window.

Abaniko 06 September, 2007  

A**hole talaga, no? Unbelievable! In our company. using another computer without the owner's permission is ground for termination.

pablo 10 September, 2007  

hey, let's not do racial profiling here. Some people are assholes regardless of race. I know one in my own office. one of these days, tanawa ko sa TV Patrol with the headline: employee stabs co-worker dead. hehe

Jap 10 September, 2007  

VANISHING STAR WITNESS, thanks for the Famas nomintation =)

ARYO, oh, I have something better than hot soup for this guy, I'll force him to eat lechon =) hehehe

SLIM, actually, this guy's head is not empty. Unfortunately, manners don't come with the diploma =/

ABANIKO, I wish we had your company's handbook. Or I wish we had a company handbook to begin with.

PABLO, that's the one thing I've been trying to avoid--racial profiling, and so far, I think I'm safe, unless you point out otherwise hehehe what you want to do is what I have in mind too, that's why it's a bad idea for me to own a gun or a baseball bat =)

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