Birthday Gift Came Early

>> Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It's still three days before my birthday but already somebody gave me a wonderful gift. I just found out today that I've been listed in Qatar Visitor's list of Best Blogs in Qatar. The news comes as a surprise because I have never expected other people to read my posts except for my family and friends. I can only hope to extend my readership outside my circle and it's a slow progress. So, to the guys in Qatar Visitor (John is it?) thank you so much for the recognition. You've made me feel welcome not only to the world of blogging but also to Qatar.

Also, I would like to thank Derf for the truly fabulous header he made me (there are three actually). I'll be using them in the months to come. Derf, I'm still working on the button thing. For some reason blogger won't display linked images. Anyway, it's complicated but will figure out a way to do that soon.

Special thanks to Blogie for adding me to the Davao Blogs RSS feed, I truly appreciate it my friend.

So I guess that wraps up my blog sponsors hehehe

If any of you wish to give me gifts, I'm still accepting presents until May 31. OUT

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Blogie 02 May, 2007  

hi Jap! saw yeric and the guys last night, and he gave me your blog's URL. nice! :)

taga-davao ka diba? submit mo blog mo sa Davao Blogs Directory:

Jap 02 May, 2007  

Ey blogs, thanks =) Thanks for the link too, didn't know that Davao has an active blog community. Will do sir, domo arigato =)

Anonymous 02 May, 2007  

DERF: Happy Birthday Jap! (in advance)

Anonymous 02 May, 2007  

DERF: Happy Birthday Jap! (in advance) and Congrats! (best qatar blog)

Jap 02 May, 2007  

Thanks Derf =) Thanks Derf =)

Blogie 05 May, 2007  

jap, i've included your blog feed in the Davao Blogspace :)

happy birthday!!

Jap 05 May, 2007  

Blogie...coolness! Daghang Salamat hehehe mwah mwah mwah 06 May, 2007  

Happy birthday and congratulations to your inclusion! You make all Filipinos proud!

Jap 06 May, 2007  

Janette, thank you so much. I have no idea how you stumbled upon my blog but somebody should've told me that I should be expecting blog royalty to drop by soon, that way I could've rolled out the red carpet hehehe, thanks though sincerely. Mwah.

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