How Was Your Day?

>> Sunday, May 20, 2007

There are a lot of things happening in a day while you're in it, but on routine days, "OK" should be enough an answer.

I woke up and started to press my clothes. It took me twenty minutes to finish pressing a pair of pants and two long-sleeved shirts--this means that I need at least one full day to finish pressing my wardrobe that's now piled up inside a big plastic bag. Tomorrow then.

I went downstairs to the office. From the stairs to the service kitchen, I uttered "Assalamu Alaikum" six times. I made my coffee and did small talk with Khaled. I timed my conversation with him. Small talk with Khaled starts with the weather and mutates to religion in five minutes.

Today, the topic was "buying a girl". Khaled asked me how he can buy a Philippine girl. I told him that if he buys a Philippine girl, he'd be buying a prostitute. What he meant by "buying a girl" was giving a dowry. I explained to him that Philippine girls only need to fall in love (if it's still true anyway). "We Sudanese do not believe in love," he said. I almost pursued the generalization but then I remembered that this was the same guy who didn't know what a "candy" was (seriously). I shrugged and wished him luck in finding the right inflatable. "What's an inflatable?". But I already pressed my ignore button.

The boss' wife called. Another rush job. "Take pictures of the new resto and make stunning profile in less than six hours," she said. If Donald Trump decides to retire, she or my boss can host The Apprentice. They are fond of giving short-notice challenges. I rushed to the resto's location with the boss' brother, I can't find my camera crew so I left without them.

After an hour, I was back at the office. Young Yang approached me. "I'm leaving tonight," he said smiling. I see fireworks and a grand buffet. Everyone must be rejoicing that he's leaving.

Young Yang is notorious for creating trouble. This 21 year-old Chinese kid's English vocabulary consists of the most offending words formed into the most politically incorrect and insulting sentences. Everytime he opens his mouth, eyebrows cross. Just last night he got the Indian receptionist pissed because of simply being Yang. Shouting and table slamming ensued. He'll be back in two months though. I asked him to buy me DVDs in China. "Yes, in China, only 3 riyal, this DVD. Maybe you want PS2? Or something a game maybe? What moooweh you want?" I wished it was longer than two months.

The other Yang, masseur Yang, passed by us holding his right side belly. He had his appendix taken out. I haven't seen much of him in the past two weeks. Sometimes I wonder if he's just a ghost now.

I finished the profile in less than two hours, got it laminated and had an early dinner.

Half a chicken heavier I went back to my desk and checked my vitals.

Guests come in and out. Calls answered, transfered and dropped. Forms filled up, visas printed and the boss arrived.

A few minutes later, my mom buzzes me in YM.

Mommy: How was your day, pangga ko guid?


2 responses:

Odette 23 May, 2007  

so... how was your day apo ko guid... :p

thanks goodness it's ok... =)

dowry... so they're still practising it?! As I've heard, Indians also do the same thing but it's the girl who do the dowry thing...

Hmmmm... You're right, nobody can buy Filipina's heart... I guess he needs to it much rice for

Jap 24 May, 2007  

Odette, it was funny cause the way he spoke to me about women, I thought he was going to say that he'd rather marry a man so he won't deal with all the trouble. =)

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