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My mom, being a true blue Ilonggo, fancies the word "moda" which means "fashionable", "fad", or "the in style". When we moved to Davao, she didn't care much about Bisaya and when she's around my Bisaya-speaking friends, she'd start off talking in bad Tagalog, and give in to her Ilonggo roots by the time she got to her second sentence. And everytime she'd say "moda" my friends would secretly laugh because "moda" is Bisaya G-speak for "mother".

Like most Filipino mothers now, my mom is proudly OFW, and like most OFWs my mom has a story to tell. What I will tell you though, is the day we baked a cake.

I was probably around 8 or 10 years old, when my mom decided to try her baking skills. And why not? She bought new measuring cups and she borrowed my auntie's oven (or was it an improvised double broiler, I cannot remember). It was the perfect time to bring out the rusting mixer from the cabinet and use it once and for all.

She measured each ingredient carefully. She tried to look like an expert baker but when she turned on the mixer, jolted and said "Ay, kalbo!", I knew that she was a noob and she was hanging on to that recipe book for dear life. My role was to lick all excesses from the bowl and the spatula. This served two purposes, one, it helped for a quick wash, and two, the official taste test.

The taste test was sumptuous. But to carry that same taste after the fire test was a whole new ballgame. My mom panicked when, after three hours, the top half of the cake still wasn't done. We've already used up all our toothpicks and have graduated to using forks to see if the cake was ready. We stopped pricking when we officially made the supposedly flat spongy surface looking like a moon replica.

Finally, we made it. We made an edible pair of leather boots. The cake came out overdone on the bottom part. Only 20% of the cake was cake. The rest was, as I've mentioned, edible leather boots. The texture was so tough but I devoured it as if I was Hannibal Lecter on a face buffet. I seriously loved it. It was the most delicious chocolatey goodness I have ever tasted.

What I'm saying is, my mom is different than most moms. She can't bake, but she passes on recipes for a better life. Her hands may be hard on dough but her touch is as soft and warm as freshly baked bread. We only see her once a year but her voice is always loud and clear as if she has never left our side. She hasn't read us too many bedtime stories but when we chat she'd tell the most intriguing real life anecdotes that can put my blog out of business if she decides to blog herself.

My moda. She's different but I wouldn't want a different moda. I love you mom, happy Mother's Day.OUT

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Odette 15 May, 2007  

belated happy Mothers' Day jap! joke...aiek!!! your mom pala and to all moda out there!!! wew!

Mamas always grab things for their child's/children's goodness (even not doin it perfect sometimes...)the most important thing is that they did it!!!

Thanks to all mamas!!!

Spatula's 3rd purpose: to cut edible leather boots...just like mama
But, she's doin good last i wish i also can...

Jap 15 May, 2007  

odette: I know =) aren't moms the greatest? hehehe

kala 15 May, 2007  

Hannibal lecter on a face buffet... LOOOL

Anonymous 16 May, 2007  

DERF: " guid yan ngayon"...can't forget that line...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY tita (ipabasa na lang sa iya jap) hehehe...

Jap 17 May, 2007  

KALA: doesn't that sound disturbingly erotic? :oD

DERF: my mom checks my blog more than you do, so need to remind her hehehe she could be reading right this minute! hahaha and by the way, whatever happened to the group blog? i hope, since the election is over we can get down to business? =)

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