My First Tag Game: Proudly Philippine Made

>> Thursday, May 24, 2007

Day after day I click on blogs and I see more and more people drastically changing their content to accommodate a fast-growing phenomenon called "blog tag games". Whoever started this is probably the same genius behind the now famous "Don't Read This" Youtube chain-comments or the "Forward this or else you die" chain-emails. It's just a matter of time before these "blog tag games" become terroristic acts really and include outrageous threats. But anyhow, there's always a first time for everything. Thank you Blogie for the initiation. This is probably a good way to gauge if the people you think are reading your blog actually read your blog.

Without further ado, here are three things that make me proud to be Filipino.

1. EDSA People Power Revolution

I was too young then when it happened but even if I wasn't there to witness it first-hand I can still feel that overwhelming sense of Filipino pride everytime I hear the theme song "Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo" (sad to say they only play it during the anniversary). The song sums it up. It is the Filipino's moment in history, his contribution to the whole world. I just hope that these politicians will pick another venue the next time they do the "people power" thing so as not to trivialize the original EDSA.

2. 7K+ Islands!

A lot of Filipinos don't realize this because they are used to it, but to people born in large continents, the idea of 7,106 islands is unfathomable. In the office alone, I had to show to my Chinese or Sudanese officemates video clips of the islands to prove to them that I was not making it up. I myself pretty much appreciated this only here in Doha when, everytime I say the fact, my audience gets wide-eyed with wonder. And why not? Countries in the Middle East (Qatar included) are "making" islands because they are not blessed with such amazing natural treasures.

3. The Festivals

Filipinos are fun-loving and creative people, so creative in fact that we need to express it through Festivals, countless of them. Whether it be for nature's bounty (Kadayawan Festival - Davao City), or to uplift the community's spirit in times of tragedy (Masskara Festival - Bacolod City), to honor a saint ("too many to mention" applies here but one good example is Sinulog Festival - Cebu City), or to dispel rumors (Aswang Festival - Capiz City), Filipinos are apt to organize grand and colorful festivals. Almost every city in the country has its own fiesta. It's not impossible that soon there will be a festival happening somewhere in the country for every single day of the year.

So that's it. It wasn't that bad after all. My turn to tag 10.

I'm sorry guys, don't bother with this if it ain't fun for you: Kala, Maxie, Jinoe, Portia, Joey, Hani (of course it has to be "Three Things That Make Me Proud as a Paki" for you my friend hehehe), Roa Ming, Andie, Lola Odette and Maui Pacquiao. Ignore if you must, no biggie.OUT

11 responses:

Blogie 24 May, 2007  

Nice one, Jap! I like your post :)

simply me 24 May, 2007  

Di na ako papayag mawala kang muli... :p nice ba voice ko? ;P

I love it jap!!! Pinoy ako, Pinoy tayo... proud to be Pinoy!!!

How many islands...high tide or low tide??? :p ko ito guid... TEAeehehehee

Jap 24 May, 2007  

Blogie =) Salamat. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have written this anyway LoL =oD

Lola, tenkyu guid =)

hani 25 May, 2007  

I 'll try and see what I can do for this tag in a few weeks :D

Jap 25 May, 2007  

Ok Hani, good luck on your exams =) and in case you have trouble "Finding X" in algebra, you know you can always encircle the freakin' "x" and label it "Here it is!" =)

noypi 27 May, 2007  

great blog jap!

proud to be pinoy!

Jap 27 May, 2007  

ey thanks noypi =) wazzup? long time no hear =P

intsik 02 June, 2007  


I must say this is so tastefully done. Grabe ang aesthetics my friend! The orange amongst a sea of apples is truly a mark of your unique and unapologetic aprroach to your art. Cool space bro!

I'm still waiting for your next post! hehehehehe

Jap 02 June, 2007  

Joey speaks!!! LoL thanks for the review joei hehehe Sorry to disappoint you though, I just snatched that "orange amongst apples" photo from the net, I feel guilty now that I didn't get the name of the site so I can credit it, but I think I got it from Corbis. But please don't take back those wonderful adjectives hahaha...they can still apply to my taste, yes? lol miss u joe, and yes, my post/s are coming up sooooon. The past week has been rough. =) Hang in there dear reader =)

HRHMax 05 June, 2007  

Finally got around to it. Sorry it took so long, I've been crazy busy. I am in Louisiana and getting here felt like a trip to hell and back. (obviously, I'll write about it.)

Jap 06 June, 2007  

LoL@Maxie and here I thought you've been out partying again haha. Can't wait to read it Max, miss yah =) Mwah.

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