Random Resignation?

>> Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers' Day. 10PM. I find myself at Coffee Beanery, reading Love and Other Near Death Experiences, a novel about life's randomness and how the simplest action can lead to major life-changing events or death. On the table is my White Cafe Mocha, and one whole chocolate cake for the boss' wife. I have been reading the same sentence for the past ten minutes. I finally stopped reading the book. I bookmarked the page using my folded-up resignation letter.

After half an hour, I was already inside Lee's room and he's reading the three-page letter. For those who have already filed this kind of letter, you'd know that a three-pager is quite long for a simple resignation. Yes, it was a personal letter and that's why I went to the boss' house instead of at the office.

I told Lee to give it to his father. I didn't want to be there when he arrives. I'm not a coward. It's just that I don't want the boss to speak right away after reading my sentiments. I want to give him the chance to formulate his reply.

I left the cake for Lee's mom. I find it disturbing to be giving a good news and a bad news to my employers at the same night. At the back of my mind, I thought it was a cunning idea (if I had planned it anyway) to have the boss' wife root for me as he weighs my demands.

I'm ready to leave Qatar though. I have set my mind when I put my name on that letter that I will accept whatever the outcome. Honestly, I expect that he wouldn't give in to my requests. The only thing that's sure is that there will be a major change, and such change may be sooner than I would expect.

Lee walked with me out of the house. We saw his mom turn at the street's corner so we dodged out of sight. He couldn't go far though so I went alone. "Good luck, man. And enjoy the shuffle," Lee shouted as I trodded out of the compound. He has been reading my blog, my big fan (so he said).

Ah, the purely random shuffle. I have forgotten about that. OW has been in the shuffle mode for more than a week already. Is life really random?

I took out OW, selected the "Doha Nyts" playlist and played Vienna Teng's "Gravity"--the first on the list. I haven't played this playlist for almost four months now, I thought. Then, I pressed "More Options" on OW, selected the shuffle option and turned shuffle off. I've had enough randomness for six months. It's time to regain control of my life.

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Anonymous 14 May, 2007  

DERF: im in bukidnon ryt now...may 14. still on eleksyon '07 coverage. after 48 years of searching for an internet cafe to print my script for the live broadcast over testigo later 2nyt, finally i found 1. AND got a chance to read ur blog. anyway, hope to read the resignation letter. wahehehe...if u decided to go home, remember, 1 week notice, para makleave ko. wahehehe...tc.

kala 14 May, 2007  

good luck on the resignation and for your sake i hope you get to leave this freaking country!!!

Odette 15 May, 2007  

..so ur into it jap. hmmm...wish u all d gud luckz jap... just follow ur heart... Ur the master of ur fate!!!! GO GO power ranger!!!

oiest derf...my internet cafe pa sa my camp philip banda, sa manolo fortich, sa latahan...if u stil need it...hmmm aie, 15 na ba now??! aeik...

Jap 15 May, 2007  

DERF: for a reporter, you can easily find the hottest news but not an internet cafe?! you're fired! LoL AND thanks for reading my blog while you're online, Kapuso jud tika. 1 week lang leave mo para sa koa? ay oi, Kapamilya na lang ko hahaha Hope you're safe in that hotspot. I'll send you the resignation letter when you go online hehhe but don't use it for GMA unless you want a big raise or something. LoL

KALA: I think my guardian angels mistook your good luck for something else cause I'm staying for a while hehehe Thanks though, it may not have worked out for the best, but it did work out for the better.

ODETTE: thank you. familiar lagi ka sa mga netcafe sa bukidnon heheeh kaw man diay scriptwriter sa inyong dokyu noh? hahah bantog ra, unsa gani to? One Mindanao? gwapo baya to kay Avantgarde Productions ang nag edit hahaha

Odette 17 May, 2007  

Mindanao: Core of eco-agritourism??? lol (..for one Mindanao Republic???

mejo kalimot nasad ko wui... flower2x lang baya... You're the best scriptwriter and best editor evah!!! GO Go AVANTGARDE PRODUCTIONS!!!

And I heard that copies were distributed in Region X Office of Tourism, etc... I salute you jap! u made it possible!!! mocho mocho

Jap 17 May, 2007  

You're welcome. But you did a lot of work too. I can remember that you were one of the few who worked hard for that production so congratulations to you as well hehehe =) Nice to know that the Region X gov't got free material! hehehe

Odette 20 May, 2007  


HRHMax 21 May, 2007  

Congratulations Jap! So much has happened in the last two weeks. I would apologize for not wishing you good luck sooner but I'm sure you understand how I could get so preoccupied at Boys Town. ;) I can't wait to hear about the rest of your plans and hope that HK will be an even bigger adventure for you!

Jap 02 June, 2007  

LoL, as it seems now Maxie, HK will have to wait for at least six months more =) so how are the boys? hehehe

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